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We have come to accept that we are more than our bodies… even more than our mind… that there is an energetic component of our make up that lies at the core of who we are.  To take this concept out of just “an idea” and into practical action is key to the path of self development and personal transformation.

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This Course is designed to provide you with insight and practical tools for activating the various “energy pathways” that serve to keep our body, mind, and spirit healthy and empowered.  These pathways include tangible, physical pathways such as our circulatory and nervous systems, as well as the energetic pathways of the Jing Mai – our acupuncture meridians.  These pathways also include components of the Wei Qi Field, the energy field surrounding and permeating our bodies.  Ginette Richard, an Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certified by Francesco Garri Garripoli has helped to curate this collection of his Guided Meditations that address various key aspects of our energy pathways.

Though each audio recording in the various Lessons of this Course stand alone and can be listened to in any order you choose, the collection together combines to give you insight into a perception of your energetic body that will help you see yourself in a new way, in a more integrated way. In so doing, you will learn empowering ways to tap into the latent power within you to help you access more energy to get through your life, build confidence and grounding, and access your Heart-centered Intuitive Mind to support you in making better choices in challenging times.

Course Features

  • Lectures 9
  • Quizzes 0
  • Skill level Mid - Advanced
  • Language English
  • Students 392
  • Assessments Yes
  • Overivew Video by Francesco 0/1

    • Lecture1.1
      Overview Video by Francesco 05 min
  • Getting to the Heart of the matter... 0/1

    Embracing Heart-centered visualization is the perfect place to start in understanding what truly guides our energetic resonance.

    • Lecture2.1
      Heart-Centered Intention 25 min
  • Core Stabilization 0/1

    Once we can build a new relationship with our Heart as we have in Lesson One, the next step is to deepen our grounding. With solid grounding, we can truly fly. To do this we must engage our core... and build a relationship with it.

    • Lecture3.1
      Guided Meditation – Core Stabilization 30 min
  • Conception and Governing Aspects 0/2

    Traditional Taoist descriptors for the energetic Jing Mai pathways that run up and down the front and backs of our physical/energetic bodies are "Conception" and "Governing" Vessels. This Lesson will take you on an exploration of these energy pathways to help you become familiar with them, and engage with them in a deeper way.

    • Lecture4.1
      Conception Vessel Strengthening 20 min
    • Lecture4.2
      Governing Vessel Strengthening 20 min
  • Expanding our Body/Mind Image 0/2

    In this Lesson we learn to weave together the Conception and Governing Vessels of the previous Lesson through an ancient practice known to the Taoists of China as "Xiao Chuan" which as become known as the Microcosmic Orbit. This will complement the second Guided Meditation in this Lesson that brings awareness to your Upper Dan Tian at the Crown Chakra.

    • Lecture5.1
      Microcosmic Orbit
    • Lecture5.2
      Bai Hui Point Opening and Beyond 23 min
  • Transcending Pathways 0/2

    This Lesson takes us beyond specific "pathways"... It will help you move into an area requiring trust, and from trust, empiricle experience. This is the realm of the Wei Qi Field, the energy field that surrounds our body and the first Guided Meditation here takes you on that journey. The final Guided Meditation in this Course takes you even further, and may challenge many of your beliefs and preconceptions. This is a good thing... Life is about opening and transforming... Breathe, and enjoy this journey...

    • Lecture6.1
      Wei Qi Field Exploration 25 min
    • Lecture6.2
      The Essence of the Qi Effect
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