Watsu has come to Asheville, North Carolina in an amazing offering at Wuji Mountain.

At 2,500 ft elevation, with the Smoky Mountains to the South and West, and the Blue Ridge Mountains to the East, The Wuji Mountain Watsu Pool is a sacred place to surrender into the healing powers of the water element.

Custom-designed by Francesco Garri Garripoli, this salt water pool, heated to 91 degrees, is a magical portal to deep relaxation, spiritual nurturing, and personal transformation. Francesco intuited the location of a 545 foot deep underwater spring through his Qigong practice and this water, drawn up through hundreds of feet of quartz crystals, creates a powerful and palatable vibration that the body resonates with…

NOTE:  The 2023 Watsu Session season has begun at Wuji Mountain!  Bookings can be made by clicking here

Francesco is a Level III Certified Watsu Practitioner who studied with Watsu creator Harold Dull in the late 1990s and early 2000s at Harbin Hot Springs. After offering many hundreds of sessions in the pool he designed on Kaua’i over 15 years, Francesco has created this new pool deep in the mountain forest 18 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC, yet with the sense that you are a million miles away from civilization.

The quiet serenity of Wuji Mountain’s 8-acres is a perfect place for a pool amidst 360 degree views of long-distant mountain ranges and thick forest.  One can actually see the two tallest mountains East of the Mississippi from this vantage point, sacred places to the ancient Cherokee people.

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