CommunityAwake is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and we depend on your charitable – tax deductible – donation support. Our mission is to bring people together through mind/body health empowerment classes, workshops, retreats, educational products, and online sessions in a private, and secure way… Our focus for over 20 years has been on teaching empowering tools in a Heart-centered way to people of all ages, gender, race, ethnicity, and religion… and to Certifying instructors who share their knowledge in community offerings and in healthcare facilities to support doctors and nurses as well as patients. Others visit schools to bring mindful and self-awareness techniques to teens, and to community centers to reach those who are seeking tools to cope with the challenges of our times.

Our Wuji Mountain Sanctuary is enabling us to offer an amazing and pristine space in nature for solo retreats, group workshops, and live streaming of classes by renown instructors.

We have led international healing retreats for nearly 1,000 attendees to build cultural sensitivity and awareness – especially in the area of mind/body healthcare and spirituality.

We are very grateful for your help with our operational expenses… and we are also quite “project oriented” so your support to empower our various community programs is critical to their survival:


Wuji Mountain Sanctuary


Bhutan Sewala Monastery



Qigong Instructor Scholarship Program