Bhutan Qigong & Yoga Trip - March-April 2018

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
10/07/2017   10:05
Kuzuzangpo la! This is the Bhutanese greeting and my welcome to you to come on our next amazing journey...

Amazing Trip to Thailand in September!

Francesco Garripoli (admin)
06/25/2017   04:35
We have everything in place for another amazing Qigong, Yoga, and Breath work Study & Healing Trip...

Check out our new Guided Meditation!

Francesco Garripoli (admin)
02/21/2016   20:48
Thank you everyone for being patient as I have been consumed with moving from Kaua'i to Tuscany......

Breathe Deep eNewsletter Archive

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
01/31/2016   10:56
Greetings!  Have you wondered where the listing of our back issues of Breathe Deep are located? ...

My new book...

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
01/31/2016   10:32
Buon giorno! ("Good day" in Italian :))  I send you my warm thoughts from here in Tuscany...

Italy Qigong Study & Healing Trip

Francesco Garripoli (FrancescoGarripoli)
07/30/2015   00:54
A month has passed now since we have completed the Italy Qigong Study & Healing Trip 2015... and...

China Qigong Trip Itinerary now Available!

Francesco Garripoli (FrancescoGarripoli)
03/20/2015   07:14
Ni hao!  I am happy to say that the 2015 Qigong Study and Healing Trip that Daisy and I will lead...

My views on Tao Te Ching (Daode Jing)

Solala Towler (SolalaTowler)
02/09/2015   22:41
One of my pet peeves in the world of Daoism is the various fantastical versions of Daode Jing are out...

Qigong Study Trip to Thailand 2015 Itinerary now Available!

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
01/28/2015   05:43
Sawasdee krup! This is the Thai welcome that feels so good to say (and hear) when you are in beautiful...

Guided Meditations

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
05/26/2014   04:19
Aloha! We just uploaded another Guided Meditation from the classes that I teach... It's my way to share...

Amazing 2013 Qigong Study & Healing Trip to Thailand

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
04/22/2013   23:39
Our Thailand Qigong Study & Healing Trip 2013 is over and our group is now home as I type... After...

Sensing the Fabric

Lisa Ingram (ddamali)
11/20/2012   20:56
A long time ago, when I was walking- and the weight of the world was on my shoulders, an incredible thing...

Qigong Traveler Blog!

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
10/24/2012   09:08
Aloha! Well, after years of putting it off, I finally sat down and focused to create an online community...

Sunday Taoist Sermon

Tim Bruewer (Wudangspirit)
09/21/2012   16:12
Every Sunday there is a Taoist sermon giving free of charge online in streaming video. Good insights...

Daoist Temple USA

Tim Bruewer (Wudangspirit)
09/14/2012   18:46
Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know there is a place now in the US that Daoists can call...

Community Forum

Solala Towler (SolalaTowler)
08/13/2012   19:16
Hello everyone,I am hoping to start a online community forum here. Send along your questions, requests,...

Happy Spring from Solala!

Solala Towler (SolalaTowler)
05/23/2012   17:11
Happy Spring everyone! Spring is related to the element wood (as in new growth), the color green (as...

Ways of the Tao

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
04/24/2012   17:54
Truly the ways of the Tao are mysterious. I am amazed at how this proves true so many times. ALmost...

A Question

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
04/01/2012   16:44
Taoists believe that there are no coincidences. Yet at the same time, there is what I refer to as the...

SHort Nature Poems

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
03/06/2012   14:27
The first flowers of spring,rise around me in a fieldwinter is still near I watch little antswalk...