CommunityAwake is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to bring people together through mind/body health empowerment classes, workshops, retreats, educational products, and online sessions in a private, and secure way… Our focus for over 20 years has been on teaching empowering tools in a Heart-centered way to people of all ages, gender, race, ethnicity, and religion… and to Certifying instructors who share their knowledge in their communities to the public and to healthcare facilities to support doctors and nurses as well as patients. Others visit schools to bring mindful and self-awareness techniques to teens, and to community centers to reach those who are seeking tools to cope with the challenges of our times around the world.
Founded by author, Qigong and Meditation Instructor, and wellness advocate, Francesco Garri Garripoli, CommunityAwake is dedicated to inspiring you to “Dream Awake.”
We have led international healing retreats for nearly 1,000 attendees to build cultural sensitivity and awareness – especially in the area of healthcare and spirituality. Our Wuji Mountain project is creating an amazing retreat center in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. CommunityAwake’s  Advisory Board mission is to support the communities we are connected with since we realize that “Awakened” and cared-for communities are empowered communities – no matter what size they are. Our global family comprises communities of like-minded people interested in personal transformation, healing, and self-discovery. 
All donations go to support our non-profit, 501(c)3 CommunityAwake organization. for projects in the area of health and empowerment around the world, such as our Bhutan Monastery project and Thanks for joining one of our communities and discovering your Awakened possibilities!!

Francesco Garri Garripoli

Francesco Garri Garripoli is an internationally recognized Qigong and Meditation instructor, yoga practitioner, musician, brainwave researcher, author, lecturer, Doctor of Divinity, Certified Watsu Practioner, and wellness advocate. Chairman Emeritus and Advisory Board Member of the National Qigong Association (NQA) and current Chairman of the Qigong Institute, Francesco is featured in a series of award-winning, instructional Qigong DVDs and is the author of three books: “The Qi Effect,”  “Qigong – Essence of the Healing Dance,” and “Tao of the Ride” on his experiences leaving a fully-paid medical school scholarship to live in China, India, Hawaii, and Thailand and study with elder healing Masters since the mid-1970’s. Francesco offers acclaimed Qigong workshops as well as private online sessions and Qigong Instructor Certification programs in the U.S. and Europe and Qigong Study & Healing Retreats around the world. Francesco was awarded a U.S. Patent for brainwave software he designed that has helped thousands deepen their meditation and Qigong practice… and he is an Emmy Award-winning producer with his Qigong documentary that aired on PBS-TV having over 88 million viewers. His current videos can be seen here at CommunityAwake and on his YouTube Channel
Francesco founded CommunityAwake, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization, with this intention to bring together a community of “Awake” individuals of all cultures who are ready to wake up to their true potential. Our Qigong Instructor Certification Courses have empowered hundreds – from physicians to inspired local leaders – to teach in communities around the world.  We also recognize our responsibility to “give back” as we do with our programs in schools for teens and with our Bhutan Monastery monk support program as well as the new PeopleUnited project. This means to have the courage to learn empowering techniques that focus not just on healing and energy-building, and healthy lifestyle, but on personal transformation. Honoring and respecting all traditions, we do this through a combined offering of Qigong, Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga, and Quantum Field Alignment. People around the world have discovered how to move beyond their lifetime of conditioning and truly become free. This is the core of body/mind/spirit freedom… This is what it means to be truly Awake.


...though the old Masters I studied with decades ago didn't give certificates, here are at least a few!