Organ Cleansing Qigong (also known by the Mandarin Chinese name “Zang Fu Gong”) is a powerful style of Qigong practiced by thousands of people around the world that will dramatically shift your perspective on how your view your body – and your various organ systems. 18 specific Qigong moves  address physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of your organs, teaching you how to transform your physical health and your emotion response tendencies, bringing your body, mind, and spirit to optimal alignment, grounding, and healing.

Qigong is an ancient practice combining gentle but specific movements, intentional breathing techniques, and empowered, meditative focus and intention. Together, they activate Qi, our lifeforce energy in ways that promote healing, rejuvenation, emotional harmony, and personal transformation. You may also be interested in learning about Wuji Hundun Qigong, so click here

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There are two-day and five-day workshop options, but for qualified participants, taking this 5-day, live and in-person Course provides you with a “Qigong Instructor Certificate” that represents 58 hours of course training by Francesco, applicable if you wish to apply for Certification with the National Qigong Association (NQA.) Review and support videos and study materials are also provided for you in addition to the live course for later viewing.

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Both the 5-day and 2-day workshops have a extensive handouts and a detailed daily curriculum outlined in the Lessons when you click the above links.

Organ Cleansing Qigong (Zang Fu Gong) is a flowing and effective form created by Francesco Garri Garripoli in the late 1990s after years of studying in China with elder Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) doctors. It is a powerful composite of the most healing and empowering moves one can practice to build our immune system, vibrant energy, and healthy circulatory, digestive, endocrine, neural, and respiratory function. It focuses on Heart Resonance and our innate energy healing abilities. What makes this form unique is that it guides us to a transformation of our emotions and teaches us how to tap their latent energy and live a vibrant life with an awakened spirit.

This healing and transformational style of Qigong takes the practice to a new and deep level, weaving Quantum Biology with traditional Taoist principles that will evolve the way you relate to your body… and the world around you.

After countless workshops taught and over 250,000 DVDs sold, the Organ Cleansing Qigong form (Zang Fu Gong) created by Francesco is known around the world and regarded as a powerful and effective Qigong system for strengthening and detoxing the organs and emotions. This form is a bridge between Medical Qigong healing and self-cultivation / personal transformation practice.

The Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Level II Certification is an intensive, 5-day training program including a 3-month Self Assessment and follow-through  personal mentoring process with Francesco in this effective and empowering Qigong form.

Click here to learn more details and to review your qualification prerequisites. Note that Francesco reviews each Applicant and can offer certain leeway based on experience.

(Level I Certification is NOT REQUIRED in order to take this new Level II Training)

With 180 instructors already Certified around the world, this five-day intensive + 3-month follow-up Self-Assessment Mentoring/coaching personally by Francesco is offered once each year to qualified instructors who meet the course prerequisites.  We are now offering Level II Training (the most current, updated version of OCQ) that includes deeper aspects of the medical/emotional healing within this empowering form, as well as special teacher training modules to focus on being an effective and Heartfelt Qigong Instructor.

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Francesco Garri Garripoli is Chairman Emeritus of the National Qigong Association (NQA) and is a Senior Founding Member of the NQA Certification Committee and Advisory Board Member, and current Chairman of the Qigong Institute. The hours that you are Certified in for the Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Training are fully recognized by the NQA’s Certification Program.

This Certification Course is designed to Certify current instructors of Qigong, Medicine, Yoga, and the healing arts who meet the Course Prerequisites. A few spots on the roster are reserved for those who have sufficient Qigong experience and take the course for personal development and cultivation.

Scroll below to watch Francesco being interviewed on the Organ Cleansing form, and below it, videos of the form itself.

“I was honored to move with my client through their life history and felt their openness to not only “heal” but to transform… that is the essence of Zang Fu Gong… “Organ Cleansing” at its essence is true transformation by returning to our own essence… returning to our essential energetic states that allow us to experience Qi activation and personal transformation in a powerfully shamanic way – not only on a “body” level but also at the Emotion and Spiritual levels. This cleansing is not like “cleaning” the carpet… it’s more about removing the carpet all together so that you can see the beautiful foundation below it…”

                                                                                 Francesco Garri Garripoli, Organ Cleansing Qigong creator

The five-day Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification Course goes beyond just learning “the form” as the deeper we go into the essence of Qi and awaken our personal transformation – and develop that “teacher/healer” within us, we can truly share Qigong from a Heart-centered presence… which is what people are truly asking for and what this world seems to need more and more…

This 14-part Qigong form covers each of the main Organ Systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is considered an excellent “Medical Qigong” style to add to your current teaching repertoire for your beginning students while having many advanced aspects suitable for the seasoned practitioner.  Watch this complete form on our video below.

“It was an amazing workshop and I am so happy that I attended.  Thank you for your time and the opportunity to participate in a work shop of this caliber.”    Elise L. NJ

“Please consider coming to a workshop with Francesco Garripoli. He is a world renowned Qigong Instructor and one of our dear teachers who teaches internationally. Take this great opportunity to share space and time and learn from him!”  Isabelle M., Denver, CO

“For once, I’m at a loss for words. “Thank you” are the two that immediately come to mind.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Thank you for all your confidence, support, encouragement and most importantly, your friendship.  I cannot tell you how proud I am to be one of your instructors, and how I promise to make you proud of me as I move forward.  I’ve earned many different certifications over the years in many different things, but this one rises above all the rest.  It’s so much more than words on a piece of paper.  This one symbolizes such a major life journey that I started years ago and have continued with you over the past two years, and one that has affected and transformed me beyond words.  It truly gives me such a deeper sense and understanding of the idea of empowerment.  Being able to share that with others is such a sacred trust.  Again, thank you.”     Michael K., NJ

“Before completing the Qigong Training for Instructors, I was impatient and quickly became nervous. I am more patient now. I have more confidence now. I understand myself better and I am more tolerant. I feel my needs and I do not want to criticize for mistakes. I feel stronger and more resistant to stress. He feels curiosity and joy in himself. I feel younger because I feel that I am doing something important and valuable. My body is healthy and stronger. I had degenerated shoulder joints, now nothing hurts me at all and the mobility of these joints is now full. I have strength and I am active during the day. I need less sleep. Thank you for the magic of Qigong, because it changed me. It changed as I wanted and as I needed it.”   BK, Warsaw, Poland


If you  wish to become a Certified Instructor in Organ Cleansing Qigong, our five-day, live, in-person course with Francesco is required. This Certification Training also includes a three-month, follow-on Self Assessment phase which includes personal mentoring with Francesco. Click here to learn about the required prerequisites


  • You will have a practical understanding of this powerful Qigong practice

  • Working with the Organ System relationship to the Wei Qi Field and Meridians

  • Acupressure Point application for everyday use

  • Building confidence in weaving breathwork with specific moves

  • Knowing how each of the key 14 moves can support health and well-being

  • Comprehension of “Yi” – intentional awareness and mental focus

  • Integration of the Organ Cleansing form into your daily practice of self-healthcare