This powerful and effective 800 year-old Qigong form has been handed down by Master Duan Zhi Liang to Francesco Garri Garripoli when he lived and studied in the Master’s clinic in Beijing, China in the early 1990’s. This was an amazing opportunity to live with and study from this famous Qigong Master who had never left China and was little know outside the country.

Qigong is an ancient practice combining gentle but specific movements, intentional breathing techniques, and empowered, meditative focus and intention. Together, they activate Qi, our lifeforce energy in ways that promote healing, rejuvenation, emotional harmony, and personal transformation. Besides Wuji Hundun, you may be interested to learn more about Organ Cleansing Qigong (Zang Fu Gong)

So many around the world really love this particular style of Qigong as the Wuji Hundun form has shamanic Taoist roots and its 18 moves are unique in how they activate and align the energy body/Wei Qi Field. It celebrates “making peace with chaos” as “Hundun” means chaos, and we need this now more than ever! Understanding how to tap into the chaoic energy flux, and instead of resisting it or trying to manage it, we learn to access amazing creative energetic resources within it.

There are also foot moves for part of the form, that reflect its Bagua, martial overtones. Plus, this form was passed down to Francesco from the 95 year-old Master Duan Zhi Liang when he was living in China and studying with him, so we know the depths of his intention to share this empowering Qigong style that has been in his family for over 800 years.

Master Duan passed peacefully in his sleep in Beijing in July 2016, just a week after Francesco connected with him by phone with the Master asking him to come over for tea!

There will be one live, in-person course taught by Francesco in Boulder, Colorado, USA each year  Click here to learn more.


Taking this course provides you with a “Qigong Instructor Certification” that represents 49 hours of course training by Francesco.

This Course is designed for those wishing to become a Certified Instructor in Wuji Hundun Qigong form and who meet the course prerequisites for Certification.  This five-day, live, in-person course with Francesco also includes a 3-month, post-training Self Assessment Mentoring and Coaching process with Francesco.


  • You will gain a practical understanding of this powerful Qigong practice

  • Working with Qi and Hundun (chaos) in relationship to the Wei Qi Field and Meridians

  • Acupressure Point application for everyday use

  • Building confidence in weaving breathwork with specific moves

  • Knowing how each of the key 18 moves can support health and well-being

  • Comprehension of “Yi” – intentional awareness and mental focus

  • Integration of the Wuji Hundun form into your daily practice of self-healthcare