Advisory Board Volunteers 2023

Advisory Board Member Insights

Dr. Felicia Santelli, Ph.D. : “I believe that true health can only be achieved when the body, mind and spirit are in harmony.” When one of these is out of balance, the immune system is compromised thereby allowing disease to occur. I assist in balancing the ‘three legs of the stool’.”

Dr. Carol Penn, DO, MA, ABOM: “I became a doctor to help humans learn the power and science of human evolution. My emphasis is how to go beyond health and wellness to be fully alive and to thrive.
I help people better manage their life challenges through globally proven meditation, mindset, and movement techniques, so they can go from being tired to being transformed.”

Dr. Len Saputo, MD: “My approach to healing has evolved from practicing mainstream medicine for 50 years into “Health Medicine”—an integrative, holistic, person-centered, and preventive style of practice acknowledging the role of spirit and emotion in the healing process.”

Theresa Leets, Esq: “As a California attorney, real estate broker and state regulator, I am a small business advocate and protector of marketplace integrity — markets should provide accurate and not misleading information so people may make informed decisions. I believe supporting meaningful projects is a great way for business and non-profits to work together.”

Dr. Susan Lucas, MD: “My passion is reacquainting people with their nature as whole beings and helping them make contact with and work in the infinite field of energy we all exist within. I draw from my knowledge of the physical body as a physician and my knowing of the energy body from Qigong, meditation and Reiki to empower people in their transformative healing journeys. “

Darine Monroy: “I have taught for Mindful Schools for over a decade in Mexico and around the world, completing the Hakomi Comprehensive Training, assisting Michele McDonald, Steven Smith, and Jesse Vega-Frey with their annual retreats in IMS, Vallecitos, Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Center, and Thailand. Supporting people in learning more about themselves is my joy.”

Jay Umble: “I am a Certified instructor of Qigong and meditation practices, a Feng shui consultant and former jazz guitarist. I’m committed to helping people live better healthier and happier lives.”

Sarah Lantier: “I bring insight and wisdom to my community programs and offerings…with a Heart centered approach to mentor and empower others throughout their personal journey to spiritual growth, health, healing and well-being. I am the Director of Hope to Help Foundation…A Woman’s Healing Journey, Intuitive Coach, Certified practitioner of Qigong and Meditation and creator of ‘Polishing the Pearl – Vibrational Therapy’, Heel to Heal…training and personal empowerment for holistic practitioners as well as Co-creator of Shift Happens and WOWY (Women of the Wisdom Years).”

Paul Cline: “My love for music both as a player and a recording engineer has given me tools to support youth in their love for music and self discovery. Going into communities and inspiring these young souls is a blessing!”

Dr. & Master Duan Zhi Liang: This amazing doctor and teacher from China passed away in 2016 at 105 years old. His is and will always be an Honorary Member of Advisory Board in spirit…

Dr. Vincent Caruso: I feel blessed being a Chiropractor and Certified Qigong Instructor and being able to share with my patients that the body has its own unique healing ability and wants to be healthy. One of many ways to achieve health is with a specific Chiropractic adjustment. When the body is free of blockages it has the ability to heal and remain balanced in Body Mind And Spirit for a healthy happy life.

Francesco Garri Garripoli: “As founder of CommunityAwake, I embrace the intention of all these amazing souls on the Advisory Board who share the common vision of supporting the local and global community at every level for body, mind, and spirit health and empowerment.” Learn more about CommunityAwake