23 Mar

Wuji Mountain Musings #296 – Habits

Join Francesco Garri Garripoli in this series of Qigong and Meditation insights from his forthcoming new book “Qi Effect” edited by Terra Friedman. Learn more about the Wuji Mountain Sanctuary being built in Asheville, NC where Francesco transmits the Wuji
27 Jan

Why We Do Our Personal Practice

Welcome to 2022… I flow you my supportive intentions as we enter the third year of what history will show to have been one of the most transformative and influential periods in modern times. Since we’re all living through it,
01 Jan

New Year 2022

Happy New Year! Even though my personal “new year” starts on the Winter Solstice, I understand the calendar intention that goes back to Julius Caesar in Rome! Most meaningful on this first day of January is that I have two
21 Dec

Winter Solstice 2021

Winter Solstice today in the Northern Hemisphere… the day we celebrate the end of darkening, short days, and welcome the light of longer days… The ancients knew that literal fact spoke to our intuitive sense that this is also about