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11/03/2011   04:07


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10/27/2011   02:08
swimming in the ocean of the celestial light...where waves of ego/mind/fear beliefs swirl and mingle...breathe...

We are all star-seeds...

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10/22/2011   04:47
We are all star-seeds...This knowingness is encoded in our DNA Remember or not It won’t change...

The Wounded Healer

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10/21/2011   18:51
everything is energy...we are connected to everything...we are everything...a dance of energy weaving...

So what is a coach for?

Caly DePalma (calyd44)
09/28/2011   08:40
Greetings! Im definitely liking the site now that I have figured out how to navigate it, but I guess...

Welcome friends new and old!

Solala Towler (SuLeLe)
09/22/2011   20:31
I wish to offer a sincere and hearty welcome to our new friends and old here on CommunityAwake! I am...