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From the back cover:

For everyone practicing Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, and Meditation, “The Qi Effect: Enhance Your Personal Practice – Chinese Energy meets Quantum Biology” is a game changer on a personal and professional level. Drawing from over 40 years of research, study, and practice in the healing arts, Senior Qigong Teacher and Chairman of the Qigong Institute Francesco Garri Garripoli takes you on a non-stop, captivating journey into the essence of “life force energy” known as Qi (chee) and Prana, and provides revolutionary insights that will positively change your mind about how you view your body, emotions, well-being, relationships, and health.

With a playful, Heart-centered approach, Francesco’s storytelling makes it easy to understand ancient wisdom through the latest developments in Quantum Physics, Quantum Biology, epigenetics, and more. Empowering exercises and over 100 daily meditations support you in beginning – or reawakening – your own personal practice and inner development as well as to support your teaching from a transformative and radically new perspective.

“As a physician who practices functional medicine, getting Certified as a Qigong Instructor by Francesco provided me insights and confirmations about energetic healing that he so clearly shares in his “Qi Effect” book.”     
      Dr. Carol Penn, D.O., M.A., Board Certified in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Author, Certified Wellness Coach, CEO of Penn Global Visions,

“Francesco masterfully presents keys to the core of our energetics, by sharing his insights and lessons in “Qi Effect,” which leaves no stones unturned for the student as well as the seasoned professional.”
      Diem Jones, Author, Artspreneur and CEO of All One Consulting

“A magical mystery tour. Such an amazing piece of work. Using insights into science and ancient healing traditions gained over a lifetime of study, practice, and teaching, Francesco guides us in an exploration of the energetic nature of our reality through sensitivity training in life-force energy for health, healing, and self-care.”
      Tom Rogers, President of the Qigong Institute, author of An Introduction to Qigong Health Care

“I read Qi Effect with a chorus of Yes! YES! YES!! running through my body, mind and spirit. This book is a tonic for your heart — something to drink deeply — to feel and breathe into. Sprinkled liberally with gems of inspiration, Francesco’s masterful explorations, explanations and stories traverse landscapes of scientific inquiry and quantum physics, spiritual traditions and cultures, energetic matters and experiences as well as artistic imaginings to blend freely in a vast, vibrating field of awakening. Whether you are new to Qi practices or a seasoned practitioner, I encourage you to read it and grow.”  
      Vicki Dello Joio, Author and Founder of The Way of Joy: A Spiritual Fitness program.

“Francesco Garripoli has dared going beyond the traditional assumption that Qi originates and operates only within the boundaries of the space/time dimension we know so well. He bravely transcends this reductionistic concept and suggests there is an all-encompassing oneness that our soul knows, has no boundaries, and unimagined potential. Francesco invites us to join him in exploring the limitless dimensions of our human potential. Bravo Francesco!” 
      Len Saputo, MD.  Author, healer.

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