“Temple Strays” is the name under which Francesco Garri Garripoli performs as a musician. 

As a singer/songwriter listed with BMI Music, Francesco’s music is a blend of alternative/indy rock with a bit of a poetic and maybe even a spiritual message.

The title song from the new Temple Strays album, “My Skin”

The “b-side” song, “Flowers and Thorns” from the new Temple Strays album, “My Skin”

The awesome line-up of musicians on this new album include:














Paul L. “Peace Cee” Cline – Bass

Toby Christensen – Drums and Percussion

Ann Harris – Violin

Debrissa McKinney – Accompanying Vocals

Chris “CJ” Lambert – Lead Guitar

Francesco Garripoli – Guitar, Piano, Vocal


Toby Christensen – Genius Labs Recording

Chris Colby – Mixing Engineer


Click here to learn more at the Temple Strays website and check out the new music video!