Guided Meditation on Dreaming Awake by Francesco Garri Garripoli 8-03-13

Audio: 20 minutes, : 30 secs. Recorded on Kaua’i during Francesco’s Saturday Qigong class

The theme of this meditation is…  “How to be a conscious dreamer to shift the “game” and awaken your evolutionary change”.  

In this meditation, you will receive insights on:

  • What is the essence of “evolution”?
  • Using your breath to make room for evolutionary shift.
  • Expanding the boundaries of trust with gratitude.
  • Merging with the earth energy to be free in the “dance” of your everyday experience.
  • Shifting your focus from fear, and ego onto how you influence the world.
  • What happens when you feel the music of the earth moving through you?
  • Embracing that you are awake in your dream, and you have all you need to evolve.

and more…