ISSUE 93 December 2020

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  • Message from Francesco Garripoli

  • Winter Solstice Qigong Zoom Class

  • Qigong Instructor Certification

  • Qigong & Meditation Private Sessions with Francesco

  • Guided Audio Meditations – Special Discount Offer

  • Qigong Video: Boost Your Immune System During COVID-19

Message from Francesco

I trust this finds you and your loved ones well…

To say anything about these most curious times we are in seems trite… we have all been inundated by the media, by the fear and anxiety of a world gone mad it seems.  All I can say is that this whole experience has deepened my Qigong practice, reminded me of why I committed myself to a path of healing, spirituality, and doing my best to inspire others to remember their power and truth.  We know that these are times of transformation, and with that comes tests that can push us to the Edge.  Those of you who have studied with me know what I mean by “the Edge” and that it is essentially a positive place to wake up into your Heart space.  With gratitude, our Edges lead us to the transformation that is required for our soul path at this time. We can look around us and see those who understand this, and those who have forgotten – or maybe never realized the power and gift of chaos in our life…

Thanks for reading on and if it feels right, I look forward to Zooming with you on Monday as we embrace the power of the Winter Solstice.  I’ll do my best to offer more sessions like this, and hopefully some more in-person, small-group workshops as well… it really feels like it’s time that we start to come together face-to-face.  To me, the benefits of empowered Third Field energetics far outweighs anthing else.  For the rest of my Yin-immersed Winter time, I will finish editing my next book and so look forward to sharing that with you.  For now, I wish you and your family and loved ones a joyful Winter Solstice and holiday season.

Keep the faith… I send you my supportive Qi waves for your meditation and Qigong practice, and for your health and transformation.



Winter Solstice Qigong Zoom Class

Come join our global Qi Field Monday 21 December

As you may have noticed, I have offered only one Zoom Qigong class during these COVID times… Though I have started to offer some guided meditation classes, I have focused more on private, 1:1 coaching/consultations or small group sessions, which I will continue. I am quite old-fashioned that way as all my Qigong training was with elder Masters in the traditional way… but we are in most curious times and the need to build empowered Qi Fields with aligned souls is critical. The power we generate when we come together as a conscious group and create that “Third Field” can help us in our healing and personal transformation.  With that intention, I invite you to join our Winter Solstice Qigong Class via Zoom.  Click here to learn more and sign up

Qigong Instructor Certification

Wuji Hundun Qigong Instructor Certification Training

I am honored by all those around the world that have gone through this amazing 5-day training and are now all Certified Instructors making a great impact on their communities. This is the only authorized Certification course for this powerful, Shamanic Taoist form handed down to Francesco by the 94 year-old Master Duan Zhi Liang. Our next training will be in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We will limit attendance to 9 to honor recommended COVID safety precautions… and we will follow all protocol for the safety of our group. We are still waiting for things to stabilize before we can announce the date, but please let us know if you are interested.

We typically keep the size of these 5-day workshops small and we are grateful for the wonderful groups that assemble for these in-depth, trainings. The 3-month, post-workshop follow-up mentoring with Francesco is part of the training that is available for qualified Qigong, Yoga, and healthcare practitioners who meet the prerequisites and who wish to add this powerful Qigong form to the classes they offer.  Click here to learn more

Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification Training

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are waiting to announce the date and location of our next Organ Cleansing Qigong (Zang Fu Gong) Instructor Certification Training.  We are planning for the U.S. East Coast. Click here for more information.

Qigong & Meditation Private Sessions with Francesco

Zoom, or Telephone Coaching to Refine Your Practice and Process

You may be interested in honing your Qigong or Meditation practice skills… or you may be facing some life challenge on a body, mind, or spirit level… Francesco is available to work with you to develop a strategy for transformation. This is a combination of Qigong energy work and deeply intuitive coaching that helps you draw out your inner wisdom and healing.

During this challenging global situation, session rates have been discounted and sessions last between one hour to 90 minutes.  Click here to learn more and to set up a session.

Guided Audio Meditations – Special Discount Offer

Dreaming Awake Audio Meditations now 25% Off

Both to celebrate our website facelift and to recognize that finances can be a little tight at this time, we have made our library of over 100 audio Guided Meditations available at a 25% discount.  These can be live streamed or downloaded to your phone or computer and have been receiving wonderful response from people around the world.  Click here to learn more… and be sure to use the Promo Code: Dream25 to receive your discount.  Thank you for your support and enjoy your meditation journey of self-healing and transformation.

Qigong Practice Tip of the Month

Qigong Practice Tip – “Organ Cleansing Qigong – Zang Fu Gong”

This month’s Practice Tip is on video… and I will be offering them this way from now on as much as I am able. They will become part of my YouTube Channel and I trust you will find them helpful, if not thought provoking… Click here to watch my Practice Tip that shows the complete Organ Cleansing Qigong (Zang Fu Gong) form to help boost your immune system during this period of the Corona virus/flu season presence. Thank you for sharing this with your friends and for Subscribing to my YouTube Channel to receive notices of new videos!  I send you supportive waves for an empowering practice.  Peaceā€¦ Francesco

Tax Deductible Donations, Workshops, and Trips

Thank you all who made your donation to CommunityAwake, an IRS recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Through your financial donations or attendance in our Retreats or workshops, we are grateful for your  support to help keep our efforts to support good causes for health and wellness – such as our support of the Sewala Monastery in Bhutan. you are able to, and would like to channel your tax-deductible donations to a worthy cause, CommunityAwake would be most grateful to accept your gift as an IRS recognized tax-exempt organization.  Remember too that 60% of what you invest in your Qigong Study, Rejuvenation, & Longevity Retreats is actually tax-deductible because it is a project of an authorized 501(c)3 non-profit entity.

I thank you for your support and good energy… see you next issue… or in an upcoming workshop or Study Retreat!!


Francesco Garri Garripoli

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