Tao of the Ride - book by Francesco Garri Garripoli

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The Tao of the Ride - Motorcycles and the Mechanics of the Soul
By Francesco Garri Garripoli

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Paperback: 120 pages, 8.5 x 5.5

Did you every wonder what would happen if you sent a biker to China to study ancient wisdom from the elder Masters? Well so did writer Francesco Garri Garripoli and it took him on a journey to visit more than the Great Wall. An Emmy Award-winning graphics designer, television producer, and avid Harley-Davidson enthusiast for some 28 years, Garripoli has always been one to walk in two worlds. Tao of the Ride–motorcycles and the mechanics of the soul is not so much about his recent two-year adventure in China studying with martial arts masters and traditional Chinese healers, but more about the thoughts that come from a lifetime of breaking the mold. In this book he has taken the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism and explains it in a down-to-earth style that could only be inspired from long and loud cruises on a Harley.
Author Francesco Garri Garripoli Tao of the RideTao of the Ride is more than just about riding motorcycles. It’s about the “ride” of life. A motorcycle becomes a metaphor for whatever that “thing” is that gives you the freedom to return to your natural self. With humor, joy, and wisdom, the ancient concepts of Taoism are presented in a way that is applicable to modern life–whether you ride a Fatboy or a drive a sedan. In the final chapter, Garripoli asks bikers from around the world to share their personal views on the experience of solitude, introspection, and freedom that comes with the Ride.

A handbook to take cruising with you on this crazy ride called life, Tao of the Ride is a refreshing and inspiring read for anyone’seeking balance and clarity, and a reminder that we can have fun on the journey.

“Tao of the Ride changed the way I look at motorcycling and the way I look at life. Garripoli masterfully leads readers along a spiritual road toward what it is to live a more peaceful existence. The best book of its kind to come along since Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.”
— Adrian Blake, Toronto