Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women - DVD

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This DVD is the first in a series of Qigong exercises taught by Daisy Lee specifically for women. These unique forms do not appear on any other DVD and address health care needs tailored only for women.

Shot in an intimate workshop setting with Daisy’s warm and personable teaching style, this DVD is a must-have for any woman who wishes to prevent and treat hormonal imbalances ranging from PMS to menopause symptoms. The techniques also have the potential to break up stagnations in the breasts and uterus, including tumors, cysts and fibroids.

Combined with proper nutrition and emotional release techniques taught in class, these important Qigong techniques have empowered countless women in reclaiming their personal health and healing.

The DVD was originally created as educational support material for women who had taken Daisy’s Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong workshops, but with a growing demand by students to offer these teachings to those not able to be present for a workshop, the DVD is now available on this and select sites to serve more women in need.

Daisy’s  teacher certification program is also now available for women. Please contact us to see if you qualify


Running Time: 60 minutes