Qigong for Stress Relief - DVD

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Qigong For Stress Relief - DVD

All-New Exercises From An Ancient Past Designed To Relieve Modern Pressures


"Francesco and Daisy present Qigong in a way that is clear and empowering; my own energy levels and personal well-being have benefitted greatly from their instruction. Anyone who invests time into this practice will find improved health and energy and reduced stress." Robert Pendergrast, MD, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia, USA.

Qigong for Stress Relief is a unique collection of ancient exercises from China designed to help relieve stress on mental, emotional and physical levels. Even though we may not "feel" stressed, our bodies - even on an unconscious cellular level - can be under tremendous stress. The National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC has concluded that over 70% of all disease is caused by stress - and can be eliminated by reducing and relieving stress in our lives. If we can take even a small step toward relieving stress, we will be improving our health and adding quality years to our lives.

This DVD is taught "live" by Francesco and Daisy, the only one in their teaching series like this. Many people say it captures some of the feeling of being in workshops with them. Their comfortable and inviting style is welcoming and their down-to-earth approach gives you the sense that you can learn these exercises and apply them to your life in a positive way.

This DVD also contains never-before-seen interviews with Daisy and Francesco, giving you insight into their philosphy and attitude toward life and healing.

 A type of meditation with movement, Qigong allows our natural healing abilities to work efficiently, boosting our energy level, reducing stress, and bringing our body, mind and spirit into balance. Combined with a healthy diet, a positive attitude, and sound advice from a medical professional, Qigong can help you live a vibrant and joyful life as you experience your full potention and empowerment.

All this material was shot on state-of-the-art, professional, broadcast quality digital video with digital stereo audio. This DVD is the first time viewers will be able to truly enjoy the exquisite quality of these productions.

All proceeds from the sale of these DVDs as well as our other products go to the non-profit Kahuna Valley organization to support our various educational programs for children focusing on health and empowerment.

A teacher certification program is also now available. Please contact us to see if you qualify.

Running Time: 40 minutes