Zoom Qigong Class with Francesco – 19 November – Saturday

Qigong with Francesco 2022 a 450

Join Francesco and our global Qigong community in a live Zoom class on Saturday 19 November @ 11:30 am EST

This 90 minute class will be a flow through a variety of  different Qigong styles that are great when you don’t have a lot of time to practice, but want to quickly harmonize, ground, and center yourself.

We’ll start with a short meditation to bring us into alignment and settle our energy, and then go through a series of gentle movements.  Francesco‘s style calls upon his years of training with Masters in China and he presents Qigong moves in a way that is practical and easy to apply to daily life, from building and directing energy, to activating Qi for self healing.

NOTE:  The Zoom link for this class is embedded in Lesson 1 in the Curriculum link above  Once you sign up for the class, log in to CommunityAwake.com and click on “My Profile” at the top toolbar, then go to Courses and you’ll find this Course – and any other that you’ve signed up for.

All proceeds go to support the non-profit CommunityAwake. Thank you!

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Internationally Certified Senior Qigong Teacher, Meditation instructor, author, wellness advocate, musician, and Dreamer... Founder of CommunityAwake


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