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Hollywood New Ride

submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015
  NEW RIDE   Lunch at the Hamburger Hamlet on the Strip, doesn’t get much better than this. Hot blue sun in a yellow sky, sparkling cars and cuties cruising by. Billy finds us a platter-size table on the rail, which means outside next to the narrow sidewalk about two feet below. Up the boulevard walks Davy Jones (no, not the Monkee...


submitted by: CurtisM on 10/19/2016
    dropped onto the boulevard and fixed my shirt, pulled it around and smoothed it out best i could. figured i might as well yoga walk while the dusky light scatters west beyond the city.    all the shops and cafes bright and full, walking in LA is seriously underrated. most everybody rides, and your ride is a statement, for...

just sandwiches

submitted by: CurtisM on 11/18/2016
  the front door banged open and i almost spilled my tea   Patrick could never be counted on he would appear suddenly  as though dropping into the world then vanish as though lured by another world   being in his rhythm always meant trouble    he said come on    we...

Morning Felonies

submitted by: CurtisM on 10/09/2016
    Morning Felonies   Patrick was outside lifting the window murmuring imagery climbing in while i stirred my tea reading “Our Lady of the Flowers”. morning warmed the dark. The bed was right under the window so he had to tumble across his girlfriend who’d spent the night and was still mostly asleep cursing...

Morrison NUNS

submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015
Patrick calls about 6, which is right after dinner at Wayside Correctional where the high desert meets the Sierras. he’s finishing up a 6 month stretch for burglary. Patrick is a junkie and a thief, but he only robs his friends, many of whom are wealthy and live in Hollywood and points west. They’re cutting him loose at dawn, the usual time, at New...