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The weather on the east cost this weekend has really been an example of the chaos and unpredictableness of nature. From sunny skies in the 50's Saturday morning to raging snow 10 minutes and 2 miles later. 40-50 mile per hour winds on Saturday night. Clear skies on Sunday mid 40's. Last week temps in the high 50's. The predictableness of nature lies in its being unpredictable and in that is it cycle. So perfect, so wonderful. It is man's folly to try and predict. If we plan our lives around the prediction of weather we will surely be upset and disappointed. Instead simply live and experience what nature throws, prepare for all and expect none. A lesson nature teaches us everyday and which is so ignored.

It is also a lesson that applies to so many aspects of life. Martial traiining, financial planning, pretty much life across the board. Then when prepared and then forgetting all, we simply strive into life, experiencing it to the fullest, we are truly alive, and not the complaining mass "leading lives of quiet desparation.." as Thoreau so eloquently put it. Thoreau, a good American Taoist.

-Kurt L


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