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Truly the ways of the Tao are mysterious.

I am amazed at how this proves true so many times. ALmost everyday something amazing happens to me. Meeting people, accomplishing things, learning new knowledge. Just amazing. So wonderful is the magik of the Tao.

Recently our neighborhood has been visited by many Cardinals. Just a small thing but a very beautiful thing to be thankful for. Today I met an elderly woman at my son's baseball game. Turns out I helped her and her husband out in the line of duty- about 33 years ago. No coincidences.

I once heard a Tibetan monk say that the problem with the West and its reliance on science is that the belief in magik has been lost. And the people are missing out on many magical moments. Think on that.



Paul Martin 09/09/2012
we must let go of the belief in 'cause and effect'. All things emerge/un-enfold from energy fields of various frequencies when the opportunity is most suited to the highest good. We can only experience the 'reality' of our most dominant frequency, as like attracts like. As we take up residence in higher energy fields we can become citizens there, and continue on our Way as a visitor/tourist to even higher fields; each time changing our residence. At times we may be unaware of how quickly we can jump back and forth between various energy fields, which can be confusing if we still cling to thinking/concepts/linearity. The constant is always the One, Tao, Source; which births everything and in which everything is; for the highest good, from the highest good. Our Way is to experience the Tao only, in all the wonderful ways that it is expressed.
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