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After doing some serious sleep chi gung and dream work for the past three nights I realized I might have something to share that may help beginners. For experienced folks it may just help to re-inforce something you too may have realized.

Sometimes we forget something. Certainly when we get in touch with the spirit world whether through meditation, chi gung (especially shen gung) ceremony, ritual, dream work, vision quest, whatever our chosen vehicle is, it can be a wonderful experience.

It can deepen our beliefs, embolden feelings and at times simply be a joyful experience and nothing more. We can learn lessons from the spirit world.

Then we return to this world. Like Chuang Tzu's butterfly, I sometimes question which is the real world, this one or the spirit/dream world. But as we walk in this world, it seems that we separate from the spirit world but this is not true. Though we may not be conscious of the spirit/dream world at all times, it is active and is THERE at all times. Yes, it is with us at all times operating.

This is especially important when doing healing work both spiritual and physical because the guides (or whatever you choose to call them) operate 24/7. If this makes sense, it is time for you to hear it. If it does not, do not worry, at some time in the future you may think back on this and understand it. Such is the way of the Tao. I have heard lessons and not understood them for 15 - 20 years later.

This also applies to lessons taught to us in dreams. Remember your dreams. Write them down if need be. If may be a day or a week or two later when a lightning bolt will crack and you'll understand the meaning.

It snowed last night, so today I get a chance to enjoy it. And think on how wonderful snow is while those around me complain about it. How much easier it is to accept the gifts of nature and work WITH them that to fight the ways of nature.



john wettatein 01/05/2012
I have had a lot of help given tome by my dreams. The teacher, Vince Lazaro, of the White Willow School told me how to tell if a dream was a teaching dream he said:

1) a teaching dream is a way to show you the solution to a problem you are not solving

2) unless you are both ready to be open to the solution and able to move forward on it, you will not recognize the teaching dream.

3) the person or thing in the dream that delivers the teaching is YOU.

4) often the problem is YANG.. so most often the solution shown is often YIN

5) the solution shown will work and you can put it in effect.

I have had at lest 4 of these dreams in the last 10 years. While every dream has the potential to teach us something about self and the world; these are dreams that come to help us in major problems, that we are " stuck " ( double weighted ) on .

This , I think , was the use of myth in days of old . These were tales of how a problem could be solved and we can learn from. Things to be aware of. Things NOT to do and solutions to problems.

I also found that after I began to try to listen to and be more aware of my dreams, I am always calm in them. little fear or violence,,on my part, occurs. This was not true in the past. I find I am more like that in my waking state; this was also not like that before.

Now that I awake most days at 3 am ( to do the wild goose form between 3-5 am , (this is the best time for lungs to be helped, a major health issue for me ) I often recall my dreams as this is a prime dream time.

I now enjoy and look forward to recalling these dreams. Yes, they do seem real, and often the real world seems less " real " due to it being so " plastic-fake ",in some ways.

Dreams are a part of my effort to " show self " the way... and it has always been a YIN way , for me. I am often too YANG.
We are just begining to understand what dreams are and why we need to dream .

I hope I can get more out of my dreams; 1/3 of life is made up of sleep time, nature seldom will let time be wasted. We can waste time, nature and the gods are very busy folk.

Take Care,

Guest 04/25/2017
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