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Tonight I received my highest award ever- from nature. WHile awaiting my students for Tai Chi class, I walked outside of the house where I teach. There standing about 30 feet away were 3 deer. It looked like a doe and two yearlings. The doe set up on me right away. Pawed the ground and faked a charge twice. I did not move. She eyeballed me intently.

I had read and been told that if you can do the form in a herd of deer and not startle them then you have reached mastery. So I figured-why not. Real slow, real slow, very continuous. Reeling the silk. Keeping the form small and tight, No large overhead moves (I learned long ago these spook animals and are a natural alarm move for birds) The doe watched me the entire time. The yearlings continued to eat. Once in a while the doe stomped the ground which is a small alarm for the yearlings to know to be careful but not a major alarm.

Sitting hear I now realize how much time I spend in nature to even know the difference in deer movements and alarms.

Well the doe waited until I was done. The doe then slowly walked away and waved her head towards the two yearlings and off into the woods they ran.

That was more rewarding and meant more to me than my master saying to me,"You Master now." That was nature telling me the same thing in her own way. A way that was not prejudiced by man, that didn't care about lineage, teacher, did I do this right or that etc. That was a true Taoist blessing.

Thank you deer family for taking me someplace mankind never could.



Lisa Ingram 11/18/2012
That's definitely a great thing to have happened to you, Kurt. Thank you for sharing it- I could see it in my mind as you described it.

Nature tells us many things, if we're able to listen and learn from it.

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