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Buon giorno! ("Good day" in Italian :))  I send you my warm thoughts from here in Tuscany where I have been working on my new book on Dreaming Awake... it has been many years in the "Dreaming" and I am so happy and honored to be publishing it later this year of 2016... Thank you all for understanding why I haven't added any new audios for a few months as I have been busy setting myself up here in Italy to focus on my writing.  I trust you will feel this time was worth the effort... I will be extending a discount for purchasing the book to Members of our Dreaming Awake Community... and I look forwrad to keeping you informed!  May your Dreaming be joyful and inspiring... Peace... Francesco


Ginette Richard 02/17/2016
Come dolce vita... Work well and Looking forward to it.
Vroni Eichholzer 02/21/2016
Dear Friend,
Europens feel "gebauchpinselt" :)) to have you nearby, although we tend to dream live in tropical Hawaii. A warm welcom from Switzerland.
Ramona Ralston 09/07/2017
Where is your new book? I love your meditations, but there has been no new stuff here for a year. It is hard to put the whole picture together from the meditations.
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