Italy qigong study & healing trip

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A month has passed now since we have completed the Italy Qigong Study & Healing Trip 2015... and I guess it has taken this amount of time to absorb all that took place in those amazing 14 days... Leading these Trips as I have for the past 20 years has been a gift... truly... Getting to meet the beautiful group of souls that come together for these healing journeys is a blessing for me - it always seems that the perfect mix of people come together at the absolute right time for them.  This Italy Trip reflected this in every way.  Each of us realized how the group dynamics supported us on our individual journey.  We all experience the synergy of coming together as an aligned group to do Qigong at power spots and also honor the quiet we each need to have alone time to absorb it all.  We went to healing springs every day and drank from the same "sorgenti" that the ancient Etruscans drank at to heal our Liver and Kidneys.  We had private lectures from some of the top scholars and archeologists in Italy who are uncovering amazing facts about the healing aspects of these ancient people.  I guess what I like about this Trip the most is that even though the majority of the group has visted Italy before, EVERYONE saw the country in a new light.  People know I do not take the tourist route... we may even go into Roma, but we visit places that are not crowed - but are fabulous and unique.  I love to take my groups to the places I personally enjoy, and as such, the restaurants, ancient sites, and even the routes, are inspiring.  We engage with Italian families and everyday people to get the "local" flavor... we even ate dinner at the home of my friends (ok, so they own their own castle, but still it was home cooking :))  Magical things happened on this Trip... but they always seem to happen on all the Trips... I feel we are blessed in some way... maybe becase we go with the intention of not only receiving a personal healing experience, but we go to help be a positive force as a visitng group of like-minded people.  As we do our Qigong practice in parks, people watch and then come up to us afterwards to ask what we are doing. In this way we are like Qigong ambassadors and the way we engage with the "locals" makes our travel experience much different than just being "tourists."


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