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The time of the winter solstice has been a hugely important time for us human creatures for thousands of years. It is a time when the short dark days/long dark nights of winter begin to transform into the brighter days of spring, tho it's kind of funny to think that way in the midst of winter!

For Dao people this very much ties into the world of yin/yang. Winter is a very yin time of year – dark, cold, more of a time when we want to spend time indoors. This is the time of year that has traditionally been connected to being with friends, family, and our fellow tribespeople, around a warm fire – eating, drinking, playing music and telling the stories of winter.

Winter is also a time that can be stressful for our kidney/adrenal energy. We need to take extra care to keep ourselves warm and not deplete our energy. Warming soups and other warm drinks are important this time of year.

It can also be a great time for inner creativity and self cultivation. We can take advantage of our propensity for indoor activities and spend more time "indoors" within our own being. Internal practices such as meditation and visualization are great practices for this time of year.

Spending time being thankful for all of our blessings – this is a practice that is often connected to this time of year. The solstice, Christmas, the beginning of the Western New Year and then the Eastern New Year (Dragon) are all good times to reflect and give thanks and praises for all we have and all we have with us. With gratitude comes grace!


john wettatein 12/24/2011
Thanks for posting. This reminds us that we often have all we need while being so upset we do not have all we want. Also a good time of year to see as you well said : new time to begin. . Every day can be a new time to begin. WE have to be aware of it. Thanks for this place.

Maybe others will come here to take advantage of it.

Even in sunny FL this time of year is yin to the yang of hot summer.. I am in OH then . Balance is the way.

Take care,
Guest 12/27/2011
Thanks for your posting. It took a long time for me to appreciate the cold, the constriction of energy and limitations due to weather. Finally seeing how to transform this to something valuable:I was able to see winter is a great time for dreaming,creating poetry,and refining my capabilities by studying and practicing the Way.
Your wonderful magazine has been so helpful in inspiring me. I look forward to learning more. I am particularly interested in nondual approaches to development.
Kurt Levins 12/31/2011
Look to nature. The animals slow, heal, recover and many give birth in winter. SOme work harder. Winter simply is. And as such it is a gift as are all seasons. Even in the Tai Ji form. Winter is the time to work more on postures and less on movements. Holding the postures to internalized them into our muscle memory, practice sung, better yet learn and understand sung.

Also winter is the time to plan and prepare.

In a short time Imbolc or midwinter will be hear, days will be lengthening. New birds will be returning to the excitement of Spring and the cycle/circle continues to turn.

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