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Hello everyone,

I am hoping to start a online community forum here. Send along your questions, requests, experiences, visions etc. Let's see if we can get some good rich dialogue going here! Just ad a post to this one and if you see a post that you can answer or comment on go ahead!

The summer issue of The Empty Vessel is out and I hope you all take the time to look at it. I have added ten extra pages for the online version so enjoy!



john wettatein 08/21/2012
Hi all,

I am very fortunate to have good teachers. Much of the taost way often requires the wisdom of others, who have accomplished ,what you hope to gain some day . This forum can be a way for others to gain some wisdom from a good proven teacher; if they do not have the same close at hand. All new tech is a way to gain the experience of proven others. Did not the invention of writting help others gain insight from teachers passed on,or not standing before them ?

Maybe we can use this forum to the same advantage.

Old saying of the shcool : " 10 great book do not equal one good teacher. "

Take care,

Joe Fogg 11/17/2012
Hello Solala,

I love the imagery in the 'Inner Chapters' - it has inspired my own photography. I have two questions for you;

(i) Could a gallery be added for posting images to. this could include art as well as photographs

(ii) I believe you took some of the picture for the Inner Chapters - did you do the image manipulation to add the silvering effect, either way do you know which programme was used?

Thanks, Joe
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