China qigong trip itinerary now available!

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Ni hao!  I am happy to say that the 2015 Qigong Study and Healing Trip that Daisy and I will lead in September is now available for Members... click here to learn about this great Trip... I really honor my friendship and connection with Master Wan in Beijing and we've worked together to make this year's Trip one of truly deepening your personal practice.  There will be more classes this year - including some with Masters in a little-visited village to study an ancient QIgong form.  There will also be more personalized healing treatments, including Medical Qigong work and acupuncture from Master Wan himself.  Check out the itinerary for daily details... We are not going to China every year now, so take advantage of all that is going into this magical journey.  Xie xie (pronounced "shay shay" for "thank you" in Mandarin!)  Peace... Francesco


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