Amazing 2013 qigong study & healing trip to thailand

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Our Thailand Qigong Study & Healing Trip 2013 is over and our group is now home as I type... After 16 years of leading these Trips, I am constantly reminded why I do it... Personal Health Transformation. To see what can happen in two short weeks to someone when they are ready to take responsibility for their health and well-being is literally amazing. Daisy and I watched a member of our group with advanced spinal scoliosis straighten her neck after decades of unsuccessful treatments by Western practitioners. We saw participants let go of holdings that were keeping them from realizing their potential... and now they are shining. We saw everyone in the group get some insight that will forever change the way they look at themselves. That's why I keep leading these Trips... I thank each and every person who came on this Thailand Trip for their courage and participation.

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Guest 09/06/2013
Hi , my son has severe scoliosis. Can you tell me the name of the Thailand Qigong camp? Appreciate it.
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