Thailand 2018 - An Amazing Journey

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
07/10/2018   22:27
Our September 2018 Trip to Thailand will be our 11th year of leading these amazing journeys that combine...

Bhutan Qigong & Yoga Trip - March-April 2018

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
10/07/2017   10:05
Kuzuzangpo la! This is the Bhutanese greeting and my welcome to you to come on our next amazing journey...

Amazing Trip to Thailand in September!

Francesco Garripoli (admin)
06/25/2017   04:35
We have everything in place for another amazing Qigong, Yoga, and Breath work Study & Healing Trip...

Italy Qigong Study & Healing Trip

Francesco Garripoli (FrancescoGarripoli)
07/30/2015   00:54
A month has passed now since we have completed the Italy Qigong Study & Healing Trip 2015... and...

China Qigong Trip Itinerary now Available!

Francesco Garripoli (FrancescoGarripoli)
03/20/2015   07:14
Ni hao!  I am happy to say that the 2015 Qigong Study and Healing Trip that Daisy and I will lead...

Qigong Study Trip to Thailand 2015 Itinerary now Available!

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
01/28/2015   05:43
Sawasdee krup! This is the Thai welcome that feels so good to say (and hear) when you are in beautiful...

Amazing 2013 Qigong Study & Healing Trip to Thailand

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
04/22/2013   23:39
Our Thailand Qigong Study & Healing Trip 2013 is over and our group is now home as I type... After...

Qigong Traveler Blog!

Francesco Garripoli (Francescog)
10/24/2012   09:08
Aloha! Well, after years of putting it off, I finally sat down and focused to create an online community...