My views on Tao Te Ching (Daode Jing)

Solala Towler (SolalaTowler)
02/09/2015   22:41
One of my pet peeves in the world of Daoism is the various fantastical versions of Daode Jing are out...

Sunday Taoist Sermon

Tim Bruewer (Wudangspirit)
09/21/2012   16:12
Every Sunday there is a Taoist sermon giving free of charge online in streaming video. Good insights...

Daoist Temple USA

Tim Bruewer (Wudangspirit)
09/14/2012   18:46
Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you all know there is a place now in the US that Daoists can call...

Community Forum

Solala Towler (SolalaTowler)
08/13/2012   19:16
Hello everyone,I am hoping to start a online community forum here. Send along your questions, requests,...

Happy Spring from Solala!

Solala Towler (SolalaTowler)
05/23/2012   17:11
Happy Spring everyone! Spring is related to the element wood (as in new growth), the color green (as...

Ways of the Tao

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
04/24/2012   17:54
Truly the ways of the Tao are mysterious. I am amazed at how this proves true so many times. ALmost...

A Question

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
04/01/2012   16:44
Taoists believe that there are no coincidences. Yet at the same time, there is what I refer to as the...

SHort Nature Poems

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
03/06/2012   14:27
The first flowers of spring,rise around me in a fieldwinter is still near I watch little antswalk...

Derek Lin Article

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
03/01/2012   14:28
I read Derek Lin's article which is an excerpt from his book. I had already had this book recommended...

Welcome to new members

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
02/26/2012   19:12
Just noticed how many new members we have. I wanted to saw a quick hello and welcome to the community....

Weather Chaos

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
02/26/2012   19:10
The weather on the east cost this weekend has really been an example of the chaos and unpredictableness...

Nature Award

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
02/01/2012   20:47
Tonight I received my highest award ever- from nature. WHile awaiting my students for Tai Chi class,...

what is the most taoist ______ ???

john wettatein (smallinn)
02/01/2012   04:43
Hi All, Taoism was formulated in old China. it was born out of a combination of family...shamanistic...husbantry-farming....martial.....

Nature Lead Living

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
01/24/2012   17:04
As modern man has moved further and further away from living with nature, I believe we have lost much....

new year.. new way..old message

john wettatein (smallinn)
01/06/2012   05:37
Hi all, I am often asked: if you could have just ONE book of the taoist way..what one would you pick...

The Spirit World

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
01/05/2012   08:17
After doing some serious sleep chi gung and dream work for the past three nights I realized I might have...

An Intro and a Story

Kurt Levins (KurtL)
01/01/2012   12:36
Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Kurt Levins, I know big thril, haha and I agree. I will be...

Holy Holidays

Solala Towler (SolalaTowler)
12/23/2011   18:45
The time of the winter solstice has been a hugely important time for us human creatures for thousands...

From yang to yin.

john wettatein (smallinn)
12/05/2011   04:35
Hi All, I had a wonderful and exciting life. A political organizer, lobbyist and skiver I was defending...

My way or the highway (..path )

john wettatein (smallinn)
12/02/2011   07:24
Hi All,I am very grateful EV ( ST ) has set up this on line way ( tho I MUST have my Mag ! ). This can...