28 Nov

We are Evolving Consciousness

We are evolving consciousness… Interview with Francesco Garri Garripoli      by Magda Ratajczyk, April 2016, Warsaw PolandWelcome Francesco. We are very pleased that once again you come to Poland and lead the workshops Qigong.
02 Nov

Wuji Mountain Musings #3

Back in early 2020 I made a video for my YouTube Channel that gave people advice on how to prepare for what I saw was coming. With nearly 10,000 views, I’m happy that at least some people saw this, and
02 Nov

Wuji Mountain Musings #2

These are times of stress that has been spawned from uncertainty… with uncertainty comes the desire for change as a coping mechanism to manage the chaotic flux.  It triggers our emotions in ways that make us question the motives of
20 Jul


The journey of “Transformation” is something we come to know only from the place of Heart resonance… When our Intellectual Mind thinks of this concept of “transforming”, it only sees it in the context of shifting details… purely from the
05 Apr


  Our Breathe Deep Newsletter started in 1998 as a way for us to keep everyone updated on Workshops and Qigong, Meditation Study & Healing Retreats that Francesco Garri Garripoli offers – as well as the
18 Oct

What is Qigong, really?

You may have heard about Qigong as an ancient exercise system combining conscious breathing, intentional slow movement and stretching, and focused intention… and if you did, you have only gotten the very tip of the iceberg of this amazing practice.