Year-long Shamanic Training Course with Toby Christensen

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You will forever be changed as you journey on this profound path to learn deep tribal wisdom and core shamanic teachings. Drawing from his two decades of experience, Toby will open the portal to the these core indigenous practices and truths teaching you life enhancing energies of: Power, Balance and Transformation.

Toby combines specific teachings from West African, Lakota and other indigenous shamanic teachings to create a journey of authentic empowerment for each individual. Creating a true tribal setting, Toby allows his students to authentically experience and embody the teachings, rituals and initiations.

It is through ritual, ceremony, and time spent communing with the spirit world that we find our true power. It is through ritual, and the shamanic journey that we connect to the unseen world and work with our life situations on an entirely energetic level. In the words of Toby’s friend and mentor Malidoma Somé:

Ritual facilitates and provides us with a unique channel to access higher power,” he said. “Certain issues don’t want to be resolved mechanistically. We don’t have to know how the power works; we just have to show up and let the higher forces deal with the issues. The trap we feel inside ourselves is removed once we enter into sacred space. The energies know how to push obstacles out.

In this course you will learn and develop the skills necessary to connect in this way and see the results of authentic shamanic power in your life. Although the shamanic path is sometimes portrayed as a laborious path laden with process and procedure, you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease and delightful cooperation that exists between your intentions and the spirit beings that rally together to assist you when called.

Watch a Two-minute Video of Highlights from Recent Shamanic Trainings Click Here

Upon completion of this course, people continuously marvel at the changes they have experienced in their life. Many have gone on to become shamanic practitioners, or have connected to the path that brings their gift in the most profound way to the world. Embracing our power, finding balance, and welcoming transformation will forever change your life from this dynamic experience.

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