Shamanic Based Workshops

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“all together now!…” The beatles

Energize, empower and balance your life by diving into an in-depth exploration of the teachings, rituals, drumming, sound healing, and shamanism. In these workshops, Toby opens the door to transformation by teaching you a powerful connection to ancient knowledge and practices to facilitate your own personal growth.

5 Element Rituals and Drumming

“Rhythm's and Ritual For Transformation & Change”

Overview- Need a change? Change your rhythm and change your life is the fundamental promise of Toby's work. In this workshop you will learn the basic 5 Element drum rhythms and how to apply these rhythms to overcome difficulties and set the course of your life in alignment with your life's purpose. You will also learn the fundamentals of ritual and ceremony to complement the energies of each of the elements and apply them in a way to further empower your life's purpose.

Objective- to understand and apply the powerful 5 Element Drumming System to bring balance and happiness into your life. Regardless of your drumming experience (none is necessary) you will walk away from this workshop with the proficiency to play and apply these rhythms to achieve powerful transformation and focus in your life. The objective is to teach you the fundamentals of ritual and a way to create meaningful ceremony in your life.

Results-This event will create a compelling and moving influence in your own life where you can bring about the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional changes you need and desire. These practices changed Toby’s life helping him discover his purpose and mission in life.

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