Screams from Zombie Stars

submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015

Here’s an update on the fate of the galaxy so as to distract you from all that moronic drivel on FaceBook.


Seems the super-massive black hole galactic center, you know, from the 2012 Maya Calendar fame, is howling and glowing as it munches on dying stars. 


Hey, i’m not making this shit up:


Nasa Report


Figuring that the galactic center, the Dark Road to Xibalba as the Maya called the underworld, is 26,000 light years away, our telescopes are detecting something that happened when the last great glacial era began. And we’re just hearing about it now? Maybe not. Maya shamans may have been talking about this for a long time.


26,000 years is the periodicity of a full round of 5 Maya world eras. It’s make-or-break time for life on the planet again. Civilization survived the ice age, but can it survive plastic, pollution, and the next president? 


time to eat the dying stars.


Depicted below is the Maya Shaman King Itzamna being devoured (or coughed up) by the cosmic psychedelic frog riding in the center of the galactic canoe/throne. He’s voyaging to and from the Center of the Milky Way to mediate for you and me and the biosphere. Let’s wish him well and do our part.




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