PBS TV Station Listing for Airing Qigong Ancient Chinese Healing Documentary

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Qigong PBS TV documentary by Francesco Garri GarripoliPBS Station Airing Status And Contacts

Qigong: Ancient Chinese Healing For The 21st Century

Narrated by James Shigeta and directed by Francesco Garri Garripoli

Produced by Wuji Productions.

Distributed by (APT) American Public Television Sponsor PBS Station: WLRN

Thank to every who participated in our grassroots campaign to contact PBS television stations to show support of Qigong and our PBS TV documentary, "Qigong - Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century."  PBS Corporate told us that the Neilson Ratings for that program's airing between 1999 - 2001 was over 88 MILLION VIEWERS.  Amazing for a program they thought nobody would watch... At the bottom of this page is the original Press Release from 2001.  Enjoy!

The following list will give you the PBS television station names and the contact person to call to ask if they will air . This list is as current as we can get from PBS but please be reminded that things change so be flexible (thanks to everyone who has e-mailed us to let us know about corrections and updates). To identify the program when you call, give it's name "Qigong - Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century," the director and production company: Francesco Garri Garripoli and Wuji Productions, the distributor (APT) American Public Television, and the sponsor PBS Station: WLRN. Keep a smile in your heart as you talk as you are a representative for all the people who wish to promote Qigong... and in this way you will send the supportive energy that the stations need. Remember that even the small stations have bureaucracies that might not be as efficient as we d like, so don't be surprised if they don't know anything about this program yet.

The station list is divided into three parts: "Yes," "Maybe," and "No." This shows how each voted in a recent PBS new-program offering poll as to whether they were interested in airing this program (which we have given them for free--it cost about $100,000 to produce and we financed it ourselves.) "Yes" voting stations need your loving support. "Maybe" and "No" voters need to know that you speak for a lot of people who are interested in viewing this type of program and need even more loving support.

If you are a member of the station, let them know. Even if you are not, they must legally log all the calls they receive as they are partially funded by the U.S. Government. These calls are more important than you may imagine and they can sway the decision of a Programming Director or the person who decides what that individual station will air. Your single call represents 1,000 viewers according to audience polling figures. Feel free to call stations outside your area as well and to ask your friends and family to help. We have a voice and the power to make a positive effect in this world. Television is a great tool for change and PBS represents some 94.6 Million viewers! Think how many people we can "turn on" to Qigong.

HINT: Click on the Edit tool at the top of this Web browser page and click Find. Type in the PBS station name in your area (i.e. KQED and use all caps) or the nearest big city where the station may be (i.e. San Francisco and capitalize the first letter of each word) or even your state (i.e. CA in caps) and then hit the Enter key. You should be taken right to the station info for your area.

PBS Affiliate Stations that voted "No":

KBTC--Takoma,WA--Paul Jackson, Program Manager--(206) 596-1528

KAET--Tempe, AZ--Joseph Campbell, Programming Manager--(602) 965-3506

WFYI--Indianapolis, IN--Titus Rush, Director of Programming--(317) 636-2020

WHYY--Philadelphia, PA--David Rubinsohn, Dir. TV Broadcast--(215) 351-1200

WNET--New York, NY--Anne Gorfinkel, Dir. Programming--(212) 560-2000

WPBT--N. Miami, FL--Jack Gibson, VP Programming--(305) 949-8321

WTTW--Chicago, IL--Dan Soles, Broadcasting Mngr--(773) 509-5523

KAWE--Berridji, MN--Mark Brewer, Program Mngr.--(218) 751-3407

KCPT--Kansas City, MO--Katherine DeBruce, VP Broadcast--(816) 756-3580

KPTS--Witchita, KS--Linda Tabakin, Program Manger--(316) 838-3090

KUAT--Tucson, AZ--Oliva Smith, Program Manager--(520) 621-5828

KUED--Salt Lake City, UT--Scott Chaffin, Gen. Manger--(801) 581-7777

WBRA--Roanoake, VA--Jon Boattcher, VP Programming--(703) 344-0991

WCMU--Mt. Pleasant, MI--Richard Schudiske, Prog. Mngr.--(517) 774-3105

WCNY--Syracuse, NY--Jack Neal, Prog. Mngr.--(315) 453-2424

WCVE--Richmond, VA - J. Westwood Smithers, VP Broadcast--(804) 320-1301

WDCN--Nashville, TN--Gaylord Ayers, Prog. Mngr.--(615) 259-9325

WGTE--Toledo, OH--John Gibson, Program Manager--(419) 243-3091

WGVU--Grand Rapids, MI--Carrie Corbin, Prog. Mngr.--(616) 771-6666

WILL--Urbana, IL--David Thiel, Prog. Mngr.--(217) 333-1070

WITF--Harrisburg, PA--Thomas Keck, Dir. of Programming--(717) 236-6000

WLJT--Martin, TN--Katrina Cobb, Prog. Manger--(901) 587-7561

WLVT--Bethlehem, PA--Rebecca Walz, VP Programming--(610) 867-4677

WMEC--Springfield, IL--Terrence Kenny, Programmer--(217) 786-6647

WNEO--Kent, OH--Don Freeman, Program Manager--(330) 677-4549

WNYE--Brooklyn, NY--Richard Brower, Dir. of Broadcast--(718) 250-5800

WPSX--University Park, PA--Mark Smukler, Dir. of Prog. (814) 865-3333

WPTD--Dayton, OH--Jim Weiner, Program Manager--(513) 220-1600

WSBE--Providence, RI--Lawrence Holden, Prog. Mngr. (401) 277-3636

WTBU--Indianapolis, IN--Richard Miles, Prog. Mngr.--(317) 926-9252

WTVP--Peoria, IL--Linda Miller, Program Manager--(309) 677-4747

WVIA--Pittston, PA--Mark Thomas, Dir. of Broadcast--(717) 826-6144

WYES--New Orleans, LA--Beth Utterback, Broadcast Dir.--(504) 486-5511

IDAH--Bolme, ID

MAIN--Bangor, ME

MARY--Owings Mills, MD

MISS--Jackson, MS

NEWH--Durham, NH

NEWJ--Trenton, NJ

OKLA--Oklahoma City, OK

OREG--Portland, OR

PBS Affiliate Stations that voted "Maybe":

KVIE--Sacramento, CA--Margaret Stigers, Programming Manager--(916) 923-7474

KCTF--Waco, TX--Clare Paul, Program Manager--(817) 755-3472

KETC--St. Louis, MO--Patti Kistler, Programming Dir.- (314) 725-2460

KRWG--Las Cruces, NM--James Ficklin, Prog. Mngr.--(505) 646-2222

KUSM--Bozeman, MT--Ronald Gjestson, Prog. Dir.--(406) 994-3437

KWSU--Pullman, WA--Warren Wright, TV Director--(509) 335-6588

WCET--Cincinnati, OH--Grace Hill, Prog. Director--(513) 381-4033

WEIU--Charleston, IL--John Eisenhour, General Mngr.--(217) 581-5958

WGBY--Springfield, MA--Beth Curley, Prog. Mngr.--(413) 781-2801

WHRO--Norfolk, VA--Mary Pruess, President--(804) 889-9400

WISC--Madison, WI--(608) 271-4321

WKNO--Memphis, TN--Eric Bran, Prog. Oper. Mngr.--(901) 458-2521

WLAE--Melarie, LA--Joslyn Yeager, Prog. Mngr--(504) 866-7411

WLIW--Plainview, NY--(516) 367-2100

WMFE--Orlando, FL--John Felton, Jr., Prog. Manger--(407) 273-2300

WMVS--Milwaukee, WI--Kathleen Lenhardt, Prog. Dir.--(414) 271-1036

WNVT--Falls Church, VA--(703) 698-9682

WXEL--West Palm Beach, FL--Phil Dicomo, Dir. of Comm.--(561) 737-8000

SCAR--Columbia, SC

PBS Affiliate Stations that voted "Yes":

KCET--Los Angeles, CA--Jackie Kain, Programming Manager--(323) 666-6500

KEET--Eureka,CA--Karen Barnes, Programming Director--(707) 445-0813

KIXE--Redding, CA--Brad Fay, General Manager--(916) 243-5493

KOCE--Huntington Beach, CA--Roberta Smith--Programming Director--(714) 895-5623

KPBS--San Diego, CA--Patricia Finn, Programming Manager--(619) 594-1515

KQED--San Francisco, CA--Deanne Hamilton, Programming Director--(415) 864-2000

KRCB--Rohnert Park, CA--Karin Iwata, Program Manager (707) 585-8522

KTEH--San Jose, CA--Karen Roberts, Program Manager (408) 437-5454

KVCR--San Bernardino, CA--Don Leiffer--Program Manager--(909) 888-6511

KCTS--Seattle, WA--Jane Sheridan, Programming--(206) 728-6463

KSPS--Spokane, WA--Bill Stanley, Program Manager--(509) 353-5777

KERA--Dallas, TX--Bill Young, Program Director--(214) 871-1390

KRMA--Denver, CO--Donna Sanford, Prog. Dir.--(303) 296-1212

KTCA--St. Paul, MN--Tom Holter, VP Programming--(651) 222-1717

KUHT--Houston, TX--Ken Lawrence, Prog. Dir.--(713) 748-8888

KCOS--El Paso, TX--Wende Whitus, Prog. Manager (915) 747-6500

KLRN--San Antonio, TX--Jeannette Sigard, Prog. Mngr. (210) 270-9000

KLRU--Austin, TX--David Lauderman, Prog. Mngr. (512) 471-4811

KNCT--Killeen, TX--Ruth Wedergren, Prog. Mngr. (817) 526-1284

KNME--Albequerque, NM--Shirley Casados, Prog. Mngr. (505) 277-2121

KOZK--Springfield, MO--Ray Meyer, Prog. Mngr. (417) 865-2100

KRSC--Claramore, OK--Frankye Green, Prog. Mngr. (918) 343-7772

KUHT--Houston, TX--Kenneth Lawrence, Prog. Mngr. (713) 748-8888

WBGU--Bowling Green, OH--Ronald Gargasz, Bdcast Dir. (419) 372-2700

WCEU--Daytona Beach, FL--Peter Miniscalco, Prog. Mngr. (904) 254-4415

WCFE--Pittsburgh, PA--John Flanzer, Prog. Manager (518) 583-9770

WEDU--Tampa, FL--Mike Seymour, Dir. Prog.--(813) 254-9338

WETA--Washington, DC--Karen Fritz, Broadcasting Dir.--(703) 998-2600

WFSU--Tallahassee, FL--Marie Quick, Prog. Mngr. (850) 487-3170

WGBH--Boston, MA--Ron Bachman, Prog. Manager--(617) 492-2777

WIPB--Muncie, IN--Tom Beatty, Prog. Manager (317) 285-1249

WJCT--Jacksonville, FL--Richard Heuer, VP Bdcasting (904) 353-7770

WKAR--East Lansing, MI--Mary Jane Wilson, Prog. Mngr. (517) 355-2300

WKYU--Bowling Green, KY--Linda Oldham, Prog. Mngr. (502) 745-2400

WLRN--Miami, FL--Steven Weisberg (305 995-1717 x2204

WNED--Buffalo, NY--Ron Santora, Prog. Director (716) 845-7000

WNIN--Evansville, IN--Bonnie Rheinhardt, VP Programming (812) 423-2973

WNIT--Elkhart, IN--Angela Molsenko, Prog. Mngr. (219) 674-5961

WNMU--Marquette, MI--Bruce Turner, Prog. Mngr. (906) 227-1300

WNVC--Falls Church, VA--Jennifer Talley, Prog. Mngr. (703) 698-9682

WPBA--Atlanta, GA--Joanne Cox, Prog. Mngr. (404) 827-8900

WPBS--Watertown, NY

WPTD--Dayton, OH--Jim Weiner, Prog. Mngr. (513) 220-1600

WQLN--Erie, PA--Ronald Daugherty, VP Prog. (814) 864-3001

WSIU--Carbondale, IL--Trina Lyons-Mueth, Prog. Coord. (618) 453-4343

WSRE--Pensacola, FL--Alan Pizzato, Gen. Manager (904) 484-1200

WTCI--Chatanooga, TN--Kelly Wilde, VP Prog. (615) 629-0045

WTVS--Detroit, MI--Michael Dietz, Prog. Admin.--(313) 873-7200

WUFT--Gainesville, FL--Richard Schneider, Station Mngr. (904) 392-5551

WVPT--Harrisonburg, VA--Wanda Swecker, Prog. Mngr. (703) 434-5391

WXXI--Rochester, NY--Robert Owens, Dir. Prog. (716) 325-7500

WYBE--Philadelphia, PA--Brian O-Neill, Prog. Mngr. (215) 483-3900

WYIN--Merrillville, IN--Patrick Ennis, Prog. Mngr. (219) 756-5656

ARKA--Conway, AR

CONN--Hartford, CN

GEOR--Altlanta, GA

HAWA--Honolulu, HI

IOWA--Johnston, IA

LOUI--Baton Rouge, LA

NCAR--Reasearch Triangle Park, NC

NDAK--Fargo, ND

NEBR--Lincoln, NB

Click here to learn more about the DVD version of this documentary

Press Release For Immediate Posting

New Qigong Healthcare Documentary Is A First For Public Television

Date: March, 1st 2001

A one-hour documentary is currently airing on PBS affiliate stations around the US that may challenge Western medical thinking, and simultaneously, embrace a pathway for complementary healing modalities in the new millennium.

“Qigong - Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century,” airs nationwide exclusively through American Public Television (APT--formerly American Program Service,) a major source of programming for the nation’s Public Television stations. Known for identifying innovative programs and developing creative distribution techniques, APT provides stations with program choices that enable them to strengthen and customize their schedules. “Qigong” (pronounced ‘chee-gung’) is the first television program to present this 5,000 year-old healing system from a scholarly scientific and cultural-history perspective. Shot completely in Mainland China, this documentary offers never-before-seen footage of elder Masters performing Qigong exercises and treating patients with “Qi,” or “life-force energy.”

Writer/Director Francesco Garri Garripoli of Wuji Productions, author of the book Qigong - Essence of the Healing Dance, lived in China for two years, shooting in temples and clinics across the country and in Tibet, to capture unique and beautiful footage that will fascinate the medical establishment and lay people alike. “My goal is to take Qigong out of the ‘mystical’ realm and show it in the practical light that it is seen with in China's medical community.” Through interviews with physicians and researchers, the viewer is shown that'since the end of the Cultural Revolution, valid scientific data continues to emerge to support the use of Qigong for successfully treating diseases ranging from hypertension to cancer.

“Qigong - Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century” takes an intimate look at people of all ages, ranging from students in their teens to the 92 year-old doctor Master Duan, as they practice the simple breathing and stretching exercises of Qigong to stay in good health. Here in the West, with a financial healthcare crisis upon us, this program presents the idea that the accessibility and simplicity of Qigong may help all of us regain responsibility for our own health and well being. Similar to Yoga, and the predecessor of Tai Chi, it is thought that Qigong--with over 80 million who practice it each day--may become the “next” popular exercise here in the West.

Narrated by seasoned actor James Shigeta, (star of “Flower Drum Song” and Disney's “Mulan”) “Qigong - Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century” may help answer many questions about Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and satisfy the growing curiosity we all share about alternative and complementary healing modalities from around the world. Francesco Garri Garripoli, with his book and the “Qigong” home video premiums, is available for pledge drives and community outreach events upon request. The Detroit PBS affiliate, WTVS, has already raised over $200,000 in pledges for their station through the airing of this documentary!

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