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Welcome to CommunityAwake... a unique Community-based social networking world that isn't about advertising, just about bringing people together who share common intereests...

Our online world at CommunityAwake is based on Communities... and you can join as many as you like... Some charge a fee, others are free... Click here to see our Community list

Each Community has it's own webpages in the Library, products in the Shop, Events in the calendar, Blog posts, and Surveys you can take to engage deeper.

Once you become a Member of a Community, you will have your own secure Username and Password to enter your personal WujiDashboard.  From your dashboard you will have access to all the features that come with Membership... just point and click and have fun!

Note that in some Communities, content is for paid Premium Members only... so if you have a Free & Limited Membership, you will only get to see a portion of the content... Each Community really appreciates your financial support to keep them alive!  From your dashboard, click on "Financial Report" and you will see you status for each Community you are a Member of.  This is where you can renew or upgrade.  Thanks!

From your WujiDashboard (where you land after you login) look on the lower left of your screen and you will see the Communities that you belong to... You can click on the image for a Community to learn specifics about them, such as how to access their Library content.  You can also click to link there to to join other Communities... go for it!  Click here to see our Community list


If you need to contact us, click here and we'll do our best to assist you

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