Harmonic Origin

submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015


There is no person who has ever lived, 

   no president or pope or prisoner, no tough guy or 

       starving child, lovers on a hill or soldier at post, 


   who has not gazed up into the night sky and wondered . . .  


Bejeweled darkness hums and alights upon the earth, soothing and compelling, shifting rhythmic interplays and tonal passages sublime. A sweeping gaze across the Milky Way, eyes relax into natural shape. Human spheres harmonize with celestial orbs. This symphonic pageant has been available to dream into by all our ancestors and every wolf, whale, dandelion, mountain spring, deva, vine and redwood. 


      Re-minding mystery. 


          Healing with awe. 


Our modern priests of scientism have discovered that the 240 million light year distant Perseus cluster of galaxies (how incomprehensibly far and vast) bellows from its super-massive black hole center a B-flat tone 57 octaves below middle C. Cosmic lounge jazz. Intersecting galaxies sustain tones through the universe like a bow across a string. Apparently the Milky Way is still ringing from a collision with another galaxy an unfathomably long time ago. Perseus’ tone is one cycle every 9.6 million years. Because of the physiology of human ears (low threshold of human hearing around 20 cycles per second) it is assumed we cannot hear this, as we cannot hear the deepest harmonics of whales and elephants and the earth globe. But to open our hearts and palms under the sky is to allow primordial melodies to engulf our being. 


Simultaneously our feet are upon the earth. Gravity waves pulling our skeleton to center stands it erect, every bone ringing on the drumhead of the planet. The dynamics of this make possible a grand chord of transformation. 


        We human critters are part of an earthly orchestra, 


           riffing between cosmos and center.


Primal ingredients for organic matter swept into our world-system on eccentric meteors plunging out of empty space booming the moist sky, bursting onto the burning rocks, spilling into a dark sea. Hawaiian kahunas speak of their ancestors arriving in mythic canoes from the Pleiades. A common motif in both Mayaland and Hinayana Buddhist Thailand is of serpents/dragons dance descending both rails of a temple stairway; the Castillo in Chichen Itza or a wat in Chiang Mai. The Maya cosmological imagery is a rattlesnake, fanged open mouth on the earth; life, death, renewal. Rattle at the top of the stairs represents Pleiades, origin of humankind in many indigenous traditions. The serpentine body; a comet’s quivering tail or the wake of a cosmic canoe.



Sail a conscious canoe into the night sky. 


Be present in origin.


Mystery abides. 


Quantum Theory is dragging scientism kicking and screaming into non-material origin, a foundational first particle proving to be elusive. Logic/reason structures bang against the strictures of language and matter, paradigmatic thinking blurs in quantum states. Physicists must find a particle, a thing, that justifies their data. English, and other Indo-European languages, are the lingua-franca of science. The sentence structure of all these languages requires a noun subject to begin the phrase, and a verb to transfer the action to another noun object. Therefore when scientists deal with fields, waves or any vibratory phenomena they must look for what is generating the field or what is waving and vibrating. American Indians reverse the equation and establish prevailing conditions, the “waveness”, the verb first, action is the juice. Vibe influences all nouns present, and their presence collectively rocks waveness.


“The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself.”

Bertrand Russell


Algonquin, Hopi, and Mayan grammatical structures imply that what’s happening in a situation is the primary consideration; the people or critters or things are considered participants in the ongoing scene. The time of day, year, era, carved in stone Maya iconography may serve as title or prologue. These calendrical references are contextual in terms of having cyclical interdependent characteristics, a spirit like our “Spirit of Christmas” only more detailed. The date establishes the meaning of the occasion revealed by the rhythmic interplay of planets and constellations and earthly precedent, rather than being a device to determine placement in linear time passage. 


These languages can have a verb standing alone with no noun, no subject, no object. This allows the profound ability to recognize states, standing waves, as coextensive conditions pervading hearts, minds, cell structures, other rhythmic states. American Indian “savages” associate rhythms, forces and movement with spiritual essences that impact and coexist with humans; “gods“ is the rather clumsy term western authorities have chosen as identification. There need not be a particle or thing that causes. Scientists use mathematics to breach this cognition barrier. Or we can cultivate meditational methods to directly experience these non-material states. When fully present with ocean rhythm song, your heart shares the wave state with cloud and air and beach. This multi-sensory immersion cannot be measured, so math does not apply. Nominal descriptions are spell breakers. Quantum theory holds that upon the attempt to measure a quantum state, the quantum state ceases to exist. The quantum state is collapsable enduring wave space, pure vibe, nothing but rhythm. 


“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.”  Duke Ellington


All you gotta do is dance, and there it is . . . Ever Present Origin.



                 Curtis McCosco  © 2015



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