Guided Meditation on Dreaming Awake by Francesco 15 September 2017

submitted by: admin on 09/18/2017

Guided Meditation on Dreaming Awake by Francesco 15 September 2017

Bridging Our Energy Bodies to help us access our Higher Consciousness

Guided Meditation from Thailand by Francesco Garri Garripoli.  This 11:51 audio recording helps you access the various levels of our conscious and unconscious awareness known as "energy bodies."  It is an expansive meditation designed to open your sense of self, remembering that healing involves transforming our identity at every level.

This Guided Meditation is also featured on the WujiBrainwave app and the new MindTracker app so that you can monitor your brainwaves in real time as you breathe and meditate.

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Recorded in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Length: 11:51

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