Francesco Garri Garripoli

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Francesco Garri Garripoli

Francesco Garri Garripoli is an internationally recognized Qigong and meditation instructor, Energy Healer, brainwave researcher, author, lecturer, wellness advocate, Certified Watsu© Practitioner, singer/songwriter and Emmy Award winning designer and program Producer-Director.

Francesco travels the world teaching workshops, lecturing, and is featured in a series of award-winning DVDs, instructional Qigong books, and having lived in China and throughout Asia and Hawaii for years studying with elder healing Masters since he was a teenager in the 1970s, Francesco has a deep experience base ranging from his pre-med Western Medicine training to acupuncture, Yoga and Ayurvedic studies in India and Australia, and massage training in Thailand.  His private sessions include Qigong energy healing, guided meditation and breathwork, and Watsu© warm water transformational therapy.

Francesco Garri Garripoli has written books on these subjects of holistic healing and produced a celebrated documentary, which aired on PBS-TV with over 88 million Nielsen-rating viewers.

In between rocking out with his band the Temple Strays, Francesco created and manages the non-profit CommunityAwake organization, a 501(c)3 educational NGO in the area of health and wellness for youth and adults that brings personal empowerment into schools, communities, and hospitals around the world.

Francesco's Dreaming Awake Guided Meditations support thousands around the world in managing stress and learning the personal empowerment of self-healing through ancient wisdom, quantum physics, and neuroscience.

The new Meditation in Motion app for iPhone and Android smartphones contains Francesco's guided meditations and he curates audio and video meditations from experts around the world in this powerful new personal meditation guide.

His brainwave feedback software bridges Western and Eastern healing concepts, as do his Study & Healing Retreats around the world.  Francesco’s songwriting, rock music CD, and performances attest to his vision of redefining the art of being Awake in our Dreaming and inspire others to live their joyful potential.  Follow Francesco through his Breathe Deep Newsletter or on social media:

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