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Welcome to Dreaming Awake...

...a collection of Guided Meditations and concepts presented in the upcoming book by Francesco Garri Garripoli. One or more new audio recordings are added each month, so your paid subscription will provide you with at least a dozen new and empowering meditations each year recorded of Francesco sharing the core concepts of Dreaming Awake.  

These MP3 audio meditations can be streamed live or you can download to listen on your mobile device or computer.  Each 12 minute to 30 minute-long meditation will take you deep into restructuring your belief system and help you explore the fabric of how you "see" this world - and how you access your latent healing abilities and personal empowerment.  Enjoy these and other reading materials on Qigong, meditation, health, and energy healing as a Member of our Dreaming Awake Community... and participate in our Blog, Surveys, and other cool tools to connect with other like-minded "awakened Dreamers" with your Membership. Thank you!

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"I have used a lot of guided meditations over the years, but Francesco's are unique - they combine powerful teaching with taking me on an inner journey of healing and empowerment."  C.M., Hawaii

"I am an opera singer/university professor and, I am just passing a huge compliment along to you for your magnificent instruction. I have told so many of my friends and students about you and your wonderful instructional techniques. Thank you so much for your dedication and generosity!!!"  C.D.

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