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Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Three year academic and clinical program. We offer classes in Oriental medicine, acupuncture, and Chinese herbology. Master’s degree is accredited. Financial aid and China internships are available. Preparatory to national certification and state licensing examinations. (503) 253-3443 for information, literature.



Genesee Valley Daoist Hermitage Residential facility. Qigong, sustainable gardening, meditation for self cultivation. Chinese herbs, massage, Daoist healing toharmonize chronic disorders. PO Box 9224, Moscow, Idaho 83843-1724. (208) 285-0123.



Tidewater Tai Chi Center has been offering classes and workshops in tai chi, chi kung, meditation, self cultivation practices and other Taoist arts in Norfolk and Virginia Beach since 1974. For information call 757.533.9092. Send email to or visit



The Alaska College of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture & Massage Therapy. 2636 Spenard Rd., Anchorage, AK 99503. Offering course work in a full spectrum of Asian Studies including Taiji, Qigong, Meditation, Medical QiGong, Taoist Herbology, Massage Therapy, with advanced study in Thai Yoga Massage and Tui Na Acupressure Massage and a three year Masters program of study in Acupuncture. We offer year round full or part-time schedules of study. We feature biannual Spring and Fall Health and Wellness Festivals where participants can study cutting edge information with our expert staff and visiting masters from around the globe. Traveling to Alaska? Check out our website and make sure our classes and workshops are in your plans. (907) 279-0135



White Cloud Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico offers learning opportunities to people of all ages. Certification programs in Taoist Studies, Energy Medicine and Chi Nei Tsang: External Qi Healing. Weekly Tai Chi and Qigong classes. Qigong Research and Retreats. Continuing Education for Massage, Nursing and Acupuncture. Ask about retreats. (505) 471-9330,



Qigong & Daoist Training Center offers certification in qigong and Daoist training and ordination as a priest: qigong, TCM, Daoist Cultivation practices, and Daoist Zuowang Meditation. Michael Rinaldini, founder, American Dragon Gate Lineage, received authorization to train/ordain others by Chinese Daoist Master Wan Sujian. Level 4 NQA Certified Qigong Teacher. www. 707 829-1855



The Taoist Institute offers studies and services in Chinese qigong, tai chi chuan, Daoist weddings, shamanic energy & Reiki healing. Director: Dr. Carl Totton. 10630 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA, 91601 (818) 760-4219.



Embrace The Moon School for Taijiquan and Qigong is located in Seattle, Washington. Embrace The Moon offers classes in the full Chen Taijiquan & Luohan Gong Qigong curriculums to all ages and fitness levels as well as offers extensive teacher training and advanced development programs in these systems.  Founder & Chief Instructor Kimberly Ivy has 35 years of experience in the Martial Arts (Judo, Aikido, Taijiquan), Qigong & Yoga. She holds black belts in Judo & Aikido, and is ranked 6th Duan Wei by the International Wu Shu Association. Ms. Ivy is a 20th Generation Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang and among the senior international Luohan Gong students of Grandmaster Gaspar Garcia. More information on the school can be found at  Ms. Ivy is available for seminars on the topic of your choosing. Contact her to schedule at or by calling (206) 789-0993. 



Taoist Arts Center. Wu Style Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation. Traditional Taoist arts offered in a friendly and cooperative environment. Classes, Workshops, Private Instruction. Director: Susan Rabinowitz, 342 East 9th Street, NYC 10003. (212) 477-7055.



Healing Tao USA University: Michael Winn, Director. 30 fabulous, low cost Tao summer retreats in Blue Ridge Mtns. (Asheville, N.C.) with top masters: medical qigong, sexual energy cultivation, internal alchemy (neidan), taijiquan, bagua zhang, Chi Nei Tsang (Deep Organ Massage), largest array of qigong in the West under one roof. 888-999-0555. or



Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in Asheville, North Carolina. Accredited Masters program in Oriental medicine; steeped in the spirit of Daoism and teachings by Jeffrey Yuen, a world renowned leader in Classical Chinese Medicine. Preparing students to enter the profession as skilled acupuncture clinicians. 828-225-3993.



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