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Ever felt deceivd by anyone else? 

Do you believe you have experienced substantial deception by loved ones in your life? 

Really try to break this down to be able to see it. 

Take this information slowly. 

Think of an experience where someone has deceived you, lied to you, led you on..if you believe you have been deceived, you must clearly see your perceptions of being lied to and what your States of Mind were in that instant of deception or feeling betayed. 

If you felt deceived you went through States of Mind (feelings) with that person. 

As you were experiencing yourself deceived, the moment you realized you were or lied to, you had States of Mind (feelings) about it. 

Slow your mind down and experience those States of Mind (feelings). 

You must clearly see your perception of being lied to and then see yourself engaged in those States of Mind (feelings) with that person. 

You may have even asked that person to be accountable for your perception. 

Expecting another person to be responsible for your perception is playing the victim.  

We wrote the script and handed it out. 

If you blame another, you see yourself as the victim, asking them to be responsible for your patterning. 

You now believe the story to be real and ask them to explain. 

The story is now wrapped around you. 

Recognize the dynamics of what your mind has created and will again and again. 

Any other episodes of deceit will be filed away in the mind and be used as a trigger.

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