Conduit Or Container

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Conduit or Container

To see yourself as a Container is to live in a world of limits and

scarcity. To see yourself as a Conduit is to live in a world of abundance.


by Francesco Garri Garripoli


I believe that the underlying concepts and belief systems that we hold about life affect everything from the way a technique works to the actual physics involved in any action. The things we do in life do not stand alone. There are no fixed rules that allow something to simple “happen” in an independent way. How and what we feel, think, and believe about something

totally affects the outcome.


That said, I see that many people hold a certain belief that can curtail their development and self-healing as it relates to Qigong. This belief system revolves around how we “see” ourselves…Whether it was taught to you by a teacher or whether you simply found yourself accepting it, you hold the belief that “you” (energetically and physically) are either a “Container” or a “Conduit.” This may sound funny, but answer the following four questions and please just answer with the first response that come to your mind: 


1) When I practice Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Reiki or

other energy art, I feel…


a. I am gathering energy and storing it.

b. I am channeling energy and being recycled by it


2) When I breathe during my personal practice…


a. I fill up with air and hold it.

b. I fill up with air and let it go simultaneously.


3) When my body feels sick or uncomfortable…


a. I feel my Qi is low.

b. I feel my Qi flow is blocked.


4) When I am feeling tired or exhausted…


a. I feel I have run out of Qi.

b. I feel my Qi is stagnant.


Ok, not how you answered either “a” or “b” (you need to commit to one of the other, whichever feels the strongest pull). If you answered with even one “a” you are living with a belief system that you are in the Container category. If you only answered with one “a” then we may be dealing only with semantics. If you answered with two or three “a” answered, then we need to play with these concepts for a bit. If you answered with all “b” answers then you are a full-fledged Qi Conduit so please pass “Go” and collect your 200 dan tians… Now granted, we can get into some philosophical discussion here and split hairs over the details and words, but I have a simple goal here in sharing this exercise. My hope is to get you to rethink the way you see your body/ mind/spirit. To see yourself as a Container is to live in a world of limits and scarcity. You will always be concerned with making sure you are “full” and you will begin to worry when you are less than full. A Container can only hold so much. You will always “want” more. The Container compares itself in capacity to other Containers, always externally referencing, looking outside to be satisfied. This is the way of the ego, driven by fear. You will be happy when you are full and sad when you are empty. This is the roller coaster world of the ego/fear/belief system for the Container category of Qigong practitioners. 


To see yourself as a Conduit is to live in a world of abundance. You will embrace the infinite nature of our Universe and sense your immersion in boundless Qi. A Conduit can channel the whole of the Universe while holding onto nothing. Every breath you take will pass through you and you will receive exactly what you require. Your inhales are as fulfilling as your exhales, knowing that each release is a cleansing and an offering to the world. The Conduit is focused on living self-reflection and inner flow…infinite connection to every atom in the Universe and you see everything as a reflection of self, as the infinitude of existence, our Dreaming, constantly passes through us. The Conduit doesn’t need to store Qi… the Conduit knows she is Qi and immersed in an infinite field of Qi. Access is implicit in the Way of the Conduit. suggest you revisit these four questions above now that you’ve read this…see if any of your “a” answers have changed…and if they haven’t maybe this has inspired you to question a little deeper and embrace the Way of the Conduit.




Francesco Garri Garripoli is the author of Qigong – Essence

of the Healing Dance and Tao of the Ride. He teaches

worldwide and through a series of Qigong instructional

DVDs with Daisy Lee. The director and producer of the PBS

documentary, Qigong – Ancient Healing for the 21st Century,

Francesco works to support families and youth through his

non-profit His newest venture, www., offers powerful online software solutions

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