Breathe Deep Newsletter July 2017

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                                                             ISSUE 84 - June 2017

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Table of Contents:

  • Message from Francesco Garripoli

  • Qigong-Yoga Study & Healing Trips 2017 - Thailand & Bhutan w/ Francesco & Ambikha

  • Organ Cleansing Instructor Certification - November 2017 - Florida

  • National Qigong Association Conference

  • Qigong Practice Tip of the Month

  • Dreaming Awake Guided Meditations

Message from Francesco

Greetings from New Jersey, USA!

It may not sound like the other exotic places I usually write from, but New Jersey at this time of year is quite nice... and I'm happy to support my parents again by staying with them... NJ is also the location for this year's National Qigong Association (NQA) Annual Conference! Read on below for more info on that.

Every day is an opportunity to deepen your practice - whether it be Qigong, Yoga, meditation, breath work.  What we do in the quiet of our personal practice is all about planting seeds for our personal evolution.  The insights and healing we experience on our own must relate to the rest of the things that we do in our day.  How to extend our personal practice into the "mundane" parts of our day such as work, family, chores, relationships, etc. is truly the key to Awakening to the Dream nature of our existence. When we see life "outside us" as a reflection of what we cultivate "inside" us then we get a taste of "enlightenment" and our journey in this Dreaming we call reality takes on a wonderful new dimension.

Check out this month’s Breathe Deep Qigong Practice Tips below that continues a series on energy points.  It’s my pleasure to share theses insights that come from my training with wonderful Master and from the workshops and Qigong Study & Healing Trips I teach around the world…

I thank all of you who have supported us and the non-profit Kahuna Valley organization through your purchase of our DVDs or attendance in our workshops or Study Trips that I offer with my partner Ambika Devi.  It is my joy and honor to travel around the world and reconnect with friends this way… it really touches my heart.

I trust you will enjoy this issue of Breathe Deep… and I look forward to connecting with you soon.  Many blessings to you, your family and friends…



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Qigong Study Trips 2017 & 2018 - Thailand - Bhutan

I hope you can take the opportunity to join us on these amazing journeys and study Qigong, Yoga, meditation, and a variety of other mind/body healing techniques.  I am pleased to co-teach with my partner and renown Yoga instructor Ambikha Devi who will be adding the complement of gentle Yoga to our Trips. This year will take us back to Thailand, and mystical Bhutan...  All the specific details and itineraries are now available so please become a Member of our Study Trip Community

If you feel that this is YOUR TIME to experience what over 700 people over the past 20 years who've come on our Trips have felt was a "life changing" journey, please read on and check out the awesome itineraries available for Members Only at the Qigong Study Trip Community at

Thailand: September 9 - 20 takes us to the Northern Thailand mountains to focus on Qigong, Yoga, personal treatments (2 per day), Taoist and Buddhist meditation, and more. The food is fantastic and a key part of the rejuvenation and cleansing focus of this Trip... Click to see the full itinerary

Bhutan:  We keep our Trips small to provide an amazing and personal experience.  Let us know if you would like to join our April 2018 journey to financially support our host His Eminence Jamgoen Trulku Rimpoche during one of the top festivals of the year in this mystical Kingdom in the Himalayas... This is a unique opportunity to receive personal blessings from a truly reincarnated Rimpoche and experience rare ceremonies that many never see.  Click here to see the full itinerary

Click here to learn more and let us know you want to join or just be kept informed

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Make sure you are a Member of the Qigong Trip Community as I will be keeping everyone updated that way.

Whether it is to develop your own personal skills or to strengthen your healthcare professional offerings (we do provide Certificates of Completion for the training hours you receive), these trips give you something that others can sense once you return... and since our trips are fund raisers for our non-profit Kahuna Valley organization, 60% of your investment is tax deductible, sanctioned by the IRS - so take advantage of this saving too.

Organ Cleansing Instructor Certification

Typically, I only offer one Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification Training each year.  We keep the size of these workshops small and we are grateful for the wonderful group that assemble for these in-depth, 4-day trainings. The 3-month, post-workshop follow-up is part of the mentored training that is available for qualified Qigong practitioners.  The number of our Certified Instructors around the world who met the prerequisites to teach this effective Qigong form is now 135.  If you are interested in being part of the next small-group Instructor Certification workshop being held in Florida November 2017, please click here to let us know through our QigongTracker self-assessment.


National Qigong Association (NQA) Annual Conference

Back when I was the Chairman of the NQA, the Board and I always discussed the importance of moving this amazing Annual Conference around the country, but this year, 21 - 23 July, the NQA event will again be held in New Jersey, and for that, I am happy, For one, it's going to be in Newark, which is a fantastic city, and for the other, there are SO many people on the U.S. East Coast that attend.  I hope you can find time to attend and take classes from the array of good Qigong instructors who will teach there this year.  My partner Ambikha Devi and I will be offering a 2-hour workshop called "Qi Meets Prana" on Saturday morning 22 July at the Conference... and like the other classes, it will be included in your registration fee.  We hope to see you there!  Click here to learn more


Francesco's Workshops

Besides the class at the NQA Conference (above) the next opportunity to deepen your Qigong practice will be in September for our 11th Annual Thailand Qigong and Yoga Study + Healing Trip.  These journeys are an amazing healing experience as they are matched with comprehensive holistic treatments every day... and this year we are adding the Yoga component thanks to Ambikha.

In October, Francesco will be teaching in Italy and Greece at various locations.

In November, the next 4-day Organ Cleansing Instructor Certification Training in Florida will be offered. THis is a great opportunity to become certified in this powerful Qigong form.

I hope to see you at (at least) one of these inspiring events!


Qigong Practice Tip of the Month

This Breathe Deep’s “Practice Tip of the Month” continues to look at “energy points” sometimes referred to as “acupressure points” or “acupuncture points.”  These “points” typically lie along the “jing luo” acupuncture meridians of the human body. I say “typically” since there are powerful points that can be found nearly anywhere on the body and don’t necessarily conform to what Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) calls “jing luo.”

Let's go to our elblow - actually the cubital fossa, the crease formed when you bend your arm.  Place the palm of your right hand onto the elbow of the left arm so that your Lao Gong point in the center of your right palm is squarely on your elbow.  The tip of your right thumb will most naturally touch the cubital fossa. Press your thumb just inside of the bone in your upper arm.  It may be a bit tender, so be mindful. This point is LI11 - Large Intestive #11.  Being on the LI Meridian, it can be useful for harmonizing digestive issues, but I find it MOST effective for easing dental pain, gum issues, or related symptoms.  This Meridian goes right up to the jaw, so of course pressing this point in a conscious and intentional way can help Qi flow to the teeth, gums, and jaw.  Experiment with pressure and breath and you may be surprised how effective this point can be. This point lies on either arm, and it doesn't matter which arm you use - but I have found that a tooth ache on the right side of my jaw will be relieved easier by working LI11 on the right arm for instance.  Of course don't wait until you have dental issues - Qigong and energy work should be part of your daily health routine.  As it was said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Spend two - three minutes gently pressing this point in a circular movment, first one direction and then the other.  When you are done, gentle brush the area with your palm (Lao Gong poin) to smooth the energy.  Repeat this throughout the day, carrying a clear intention with the action, and switch between right leg and left leg as the point is the same on either.  I alway like to take a few minutes to close my eyes and meditate - or do a simple Qigong form like the Swimming Dragon - after working points to help integrate the healing.  Enjoy!

In the next Breathe Deep I will add another specific point that you can explore on yourself and others.  In the meanwhile, deepen your practice with the Dreaming Awake technique of transforming emotions into healing energy.  I wish you well on your journey… Peace…. Francesco

Dreaming Awake Guided Meditations

Have you checked out yet?  It's a pretty interesting experiment in building an online community and there are over 3,000 people who have already signed up as Members in the various Communities.  The Dreaming Awake Community provides Members with full access to Francesco's Guided Meditation audio recordings, the only place where they are available. One of these Guided Meditations are made Public so that you can stream it live to get a feel for these offerings. If you are interested, click here to learn more about Dreaming Awake and then click on the Content Listings and there you will see the free sample... but remember to log in first!

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...then after you are logged in, scroll down to the bottom left and if you are not a Member of Dreaming Awake, click to Join More Communites to find it and join...There are other communities there too... and more to come, so join as many as you like.  Enjoy and have fun meeting others who are working hard to "stay awake" in this wonderful Dreaming we call life...


Tax Deductible Donations and Trips

Thank you all who made your donation to Kahuna Valley.  We are grateful for your financial support to help keep our efforts to support challenged youth and families. Besides going into schools and offering free Qigong classes for teens, our work in incorporating brainwave feedback that will help youth enhance their ability to focus and to help them become more mindful of their emotions.  If you are feeling generous and would like to channel your taxes from the federal government to a worthy cause, Kahuna Valley would be most grateful to accept your tax-deductible donation as an IRS recognized tax-exempt organization.  Remember too that 60% of what you invest in your Qigong Study & Healing Trips is actually tax-deductible because of Kahuna Valley's sponsorship.

Learn more at

Thank you for your support and good energy... see you next issue... or in an upcoming class or Study Trip!!


Francesco Garri Garripoli

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