Brainwave Feedback Monitor Demo App - v17

submitted by: admin on 05/25/2019

This is the WujiTech demo Brainwave Feedback Monitor app... in .zip format.  Download and then click to unzip it.

Note: This app ONLY works when you have a WujiTech Brainwave Feedback Monitor Headset.

Download the zip file... Once it's on your computer, go to Finder and click on it to unzip it... then turn on your headset (make sure the dongle is plugged into your USB port and that you have a battery in your headset.... then put it on your head, make sure the front sensor is touching your forehead and that the clip is on your earlobe... then click on "Connect" in the upper left of the app's screen.  Click "cancel" on your account for now... and make sure you have a strong brainwave signal showing... then have fun!

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