Bhutan Study Trip with Rimpoche + Francesco Garripoli

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Explore amazing Bhutan in the mystical Himalayas with renowned Rimpoche His Eminence Jamgon Truelku lead by Francesco Garri Garripoli - 7 - 15 April 2020

Our journey to the magical Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan will help you gain deep insights into Buddhism while practicing Qigong and Meditation daily from your group leader Francesco

Have you dreamed of visiting this mystical land nestled between Tibet, Nepal, and India that is known for it's "Gross National Happiness" and its choice to go 100% organic? The Buddhism practiced here is quite unique and with our blessed, long-time friendship with one of the most respected Rimpoches in Bhutan, we are given a window into this country that many never see.

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In 2016 we were the first group to ever receive permission to visit and stay at the renowned Sewala Monastery. High in the mountains and accessible only by a precarious dirt road, this adventure by Jeep caravan gives us the experience on this Trip to live and eat with the 98 young Buddhist monks who study and pray at Sewala.  This highlight of our Trip is complemented by other nights in one of the most luxurious retreats in the world as well as visits to the famed "Tiger's Nest" and several sacred Dzongs - the amazing temple-fortresses of Bhutan.

The dates that we have permission to visit coincide with one of the most holy festivals of the year, and thanks to Rimpoche, we will be able to experience this just as the thousands of locals do who come from all over the country to witness the ancient dances and ceremonial performances.

Group leader Francesco Garripoli, international instructor and author who has led group retreats to Asia since 1996, brings decades of experience to the Qigong and Meditation instruction that will be offered each day at breathtaking spots amidst towering, misty mountains and high-energy rivers.  Bhutan is like no place on Earth and our daily practice here wakes up something deep within.  The air is fresh and crisp at 8,500 ft. elevation (2,590 meters) and the Qi-Prana is palatable. 

The added blessing of this amazing journey is that we donate all profits of this Trip to support the young monks at Sewala Monastery... and your Trip payment is partially U.S. Tax Deductible through the 501(c) non-profit CommunityAwake organization. 

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Your deposit secures your place on this amazing, limited-capacity journey to the Kingdom of Bhutan 7 - 15 April 2020 which originates in Bangkok, Thailand.  The trip cost covers all expenses from Bangkok - including the flight from Bangkok to Paro, Bhutan and back - and all ground, food, lodging, Visas, and fees.  Your balance of US$2,495 will be due by January 2020.  Thank you!

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