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Live kirtan by Solala Towler

submitted by: admin on 05/26/2019


submitted by: admin on 05/26/2019
  Do you see how beautiful you are? We often do not see it... and we look for beauty outside of ourselves...   Loving Self is... Loving Love.   Our Soulmate is within us... Your soulmate is within you...   A reflection of our relationship in this 3D dreaming is, our relationship with our soulmate...

Lu Yu Meets a True Tea Master

submitted by: admin on 05/26/2019
By Solala Towler Lu Yu was famous all over the capital as the Master of the Way of Tea. He had been working on his masterpiece, his treatise about tea, for some time and was almost finished. In it he listed all the most important aspects of the Way of Tea— from describing the different sorts of tea, what utensils to use and how to prepare it and...