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...random mind pulses from the imagination of Curtis McCosco finally have a place to vibe, NOOZINE. Stories and musings, Buddhism and Tao, Quantum Leaps and Amerindian Wisdom, Medicine from east and west and Hawaii Ne, are to be found here. California tales from the ‘60s & ‘70s, Messages from Banterstan, Conversations with F the mystic biker, Missives from the Rock, and news, nooz, nyous, of brand name fables, king bullshiters, foibles and felonies, and those in charge of vacuous delusions; the Delucidaters among us.

Plus, curatives and folk tales, ah-hah moments, myth and magic both modern and ancient, collusions with spirits so together we can sing in chorus, humans and animals, plants and waters and winds, gods, demons, devas and trickster dancers, to nourish the heart of life.

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