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A Conduit or Container?

submitted by: admin on 01/10/2015
Conduit vs Container   I believe that the underlying concepts and belief systems that we hold about life affect everything from the way a technique works to the actual physics involved in any action. The things we do in life do not stand alone.  There are no fixed rules that allow something to simply "happen" in an independent way. ...

A Daoist View of Enlightenment

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019

A gift of life

submitted by: admin on 05/20/2019
Life has a most curious way of guiding us to the "healing" we require... which from my experience exists on so many levels... I just received an amazing email from an 80-year-old physician who just learned about our Qigong a few weeks ago. At that time he was in a worsening state of health and mobility that just seemed to be getting worse - and...


submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  Acceptance, what a trip! The core of so much of our angst... accepting new things can be tough for us.  ...we get so used to the way things have been... and get a false sense of security for this seeming stability. The Tao Te Ching talks of everything being in a state of constant change. Even things that seem solid are not what...

Action and Inaction

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
(from the Breathe Deep Qigong eNewsletter, August 2005)   ...With hurricane Katrina keeping us acutely aware of nature’s awesome power, many people are homeless, facing devastating challenges, and some have lost their loved ones. May we all hold healing intention for those who are in these situations. Understanding Qigong’s principles...

Bali Qigong Study & Healing Trip in April and October 2014 with Francesco

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
Bali Qigong Study & Healing Trip in April and October 2014 with Francesco These unique Qigong Healing Trips are a creative deviation from those I have designed over the 15+ years of leading over 500 people to Asia on journeys of transformation.  We are weaving the wisdom of ancient China with the healing magic of Bali and the spirit of her people...

Bhutan Study Trip with Rimpoche + Francesco Garripoli

submitted by: admin on 05/30/2019
Explore amazing Bhutan in the mystical Himalayas with renowned Rimpoche His Eminence Jamgon Truelku lead by Francesco Garri Garripoli - 7 - 15 April 2020 Our journey to the magical Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan will help you gain deep insights into Buddhism while practicing Qigong and Meditation daily from your group leader Francesco Have you dreamed of...

Bhutan Trip Article for Yoga Journal

submitted by: admin on 04/15/2019
  Note: this is a copy of the article published in Yoga Journal China September 2017 Yoga and Qigong in Bhutan – Qi Meets Prana     by Francesco Garri Garripoli A golden sun rises over the snow-capped Himalayas as it dances through gossamer clouds. Rays of light pierce the cool air here at the top of the world as...

Body Movement

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
What makes a Qigong exercise "Qigong" at all is that it combines the components of breathing, body movement, and imaging.  I've covered "imaging" - the self-perception use if "Yi" or creative visualization - and breathing... so now let's look at how the body plays part in Qigong.   We practice Qigong to...

Breath and Qi by Bruce Frantzis

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019

Breathe Deep Newsletter December 2016

submitted by: admin on 01/31/2017

Breathe Deep Newsletter January 2018

submitted by: admin on 01/06/2018


submitted by: admin on 12/19/2014
  What makes a Qigong exercise "Qigong"at all is that it combines the components of breathing, body movement, and imaging. I find that people take breathing for granted and quickly forget the important role it plays in Qigong.  Sure, you can stay focused with your deep, diaphragmatic breathing while you are exercising and doing your...

Can I Practice Qigong After Back Surgery?

submitted by: admin on 12/19/2014
As far as Qigong practice after back surgery goes, the operative word is “gentle.” Be gentle with your moves, ease slowly into bringing your muscles and tendons back to where they were before the operation. The body can go into a protective mode after such trauma, and this, combined with the natural tightening of muscles and tendons after minimal...

Can Qigong Replace Standard Exercise?

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
What's A Good Workout? Yes, we believe (and studies support us in this) that a well-rounded Qigong workout is more beneficial than weight training and aerobics. The gentle cardiovascular and stretching exercises can do more for you to build your body than high-exertion workouts. The concept is that through slow movement combined with conscious,...

Change and Transition

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  Change and transition are probably the most difficult aspects of our lives to accept. It is common knowledge that the top three sources of stress are 1) Death of a family member; 2) Divorce; and 3) Employment termination. Each of these is steeped in the challenge of change, bringing with them various levels of tension, sadness and frustration. Change...


submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019
  Everything we do affects the world around us. Whether is it our direct action or our intention, Qi is shifted in the dynamic energy matrix that is in constant flux within and without us. Conversely, everything around us contributes to shift the balance of energy within our physical, mental and emotional/spiritual bodies. Through the course...

Chi Nei Tsang and Emotional Healing During Menopause

submitted by: admin on 06/19/2019

China Qigong Study Trip 2018 with Francesco, Ambikha, and Master Wan Sujian

submitted by: admin on 01/19/2018
China Qigong Healing & Study Trip Itinerary 2018 with Francesco Garri Garripoli, Ambikha Devi, and Qigong Master Wan Sujian             Beijing – 5 - 12 March 2018 This awesome Study & Healing Trip itinerary has evolved from the first group trip Francesco led to China in the mid-1990’s.  The...

Costa Rica Qigong + Yoga Retreat

submitted by: admin on 12/05/2016
Costa Rica Qigong & Yoga Retreat - 26 February - 5 March 2017 "Qi Meets Prana" This workshop retreat focuses on self-empowerment and brings a joyful and transformative approach to Qigong Energy Healing and Yoga for your personal practice. All levels are welcome - from beginners to experienced practitioners. Does your personal practice...